Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Travel Diary

And so. A travel diary my Love.

You have given me all of the travel diaries I have owned. And it is you who does the travelling and I who wait.

Except for this time. This time I am not waiting. I am Being.

I needed space my Love to find out: Who am I? Which sounds so cliched but I had come from a past so full of baggage, so full I had been swallowed. Without a trace I had disappeared from myself.

I have started the last two of my journals wanting a year of being alone to find out who I was and how to be happy alone. So I wouldn't go into a relationship out of or in desperation.

And now I have no idea of the timeline, how long has it been? I know the first year I returned to you. And the second. But somewhere along the line I have learnt. I have spent time alone, not in a relationship of any kind except with myself. And I have left it all alone. I have read books, I have studied philosophy, I have walked and walked and soaked myself in the feeling of being One with the Universe.

I feel so strongly my connection and more to everything that is. I have felt part of everything in a complete and calm way. I have accepted my reality as a part of the whole. I have come to realise that everything Is, is Being, is God, is Me, is You.

There is nothing that shouldn't happen. There is no chaos. Everything happens for a reason and I am part of that. And so are you. Every moment of every day is as it should be. And I am at peace.

In every situation, whether "good" or "bad" I can accept it as it is. Although I have not been majorly tested and I realise it is a continuing journey. I also know that if anything happened to you or to Ryan, I would be sorely, sorely tested. But I can see, I can SEE.

And I can also see you, my Love, my Knight, my God.

I have felt very deeply my own space intermingled with everything that is and I have trusted that and I have asked for what is mine, for what I need, for what is the same as me. I have felt my own presence impressing on the everything that is and I have felt the indentation of my need and known that as a part of the everything, I am deserving.

I have called out into the Universe and I have trusted. And you have come my Love, you have come.

And I have seen you, I think for the first time. I have seen who you are, your essence, your beauty. Your rightness.

And you are mine, you are meant for me. And I am yours and I didn't realise it and yet, I have always known. How many times have we simultaneoulsy texted each other?

Through all the cycles there has always been you at the base of me, which is exactly what I asked for six years ago.

How strange was out first contact? Who called who into Being? I kissed, you answered. And we both nearly missed - and yet we didn't.

We have come on this journey together ever since that meeting. Whether we have been together or apart, in body or in mind, we have been together in heart and in spirit. We are entwined, we are soulmates, we are what the Grand Plan, the Universe has found for each of us in our need. That is perfect for us both.

I will not willingly leave you again my Love. I am yours to have and to hold. You are mine in sickness and health. We belong together and will stay together for all that is or will be.

So no, I am not waiting this time. I am here and so are you. You are there and so am I.


Goffy said...

Oh my gosh...... Carrie, this is one of the most beautiful and loving things I have ever read that you have written.

I can tell that it comes straight from your heart, your soul, from deep within you and I am moved, I am literally moved to tears.

I will print this and keep it with my cards that you returned to me last month. My little package of love I call it.

Thank you for bearing your soul to me, I know how much you mean every word that you have written and I am humbled Carrie.....truly humbled, and so very much in love with you ......... for always .......for ever......yours

Goffy said...

there..... now following :)