Monday, 14 June 2010

Monday, Monday

I am not sure it is the thing to blog when you are not well, but as I have now seen no-one at all for three days and am about to go into the fourth and counting, I have to keep myself amused somehow. I thought I was going back to work today and have been joking about it on facespace but have woken up at 4am with my face and neck in severe pain and not a sore throat exactly but a feeling of obstruction. Even my teeth hurt. Not pleasant and as for that job interview I've got lined up for this afternoon, well, that would be good wouldn't it? Infecting potential new workmates before they are even workmates? Lovely. And I really couldn't do justice to myself right now and I look like a warthog. Possibly the elephant woman. What the bloody hell is going on with my neck and jaw exactly? Errk. Feel like death. So, thought I would blog it, the way you do :)

The World Cup is on, in case anyone hasn't realised that. Germany have just given Aus a spanking, expected outcome apparently. I'm sure I'm not the only Aussie with a sore head this morning, although for very different reasons.

And now it's raining! As there are now water restrictions here for the winter three months, I suppose even I should be rejoicing about that. And the weekend was glorious. I spent two days soaking up the sun and thinking I was curing my cold with the healthful rays, ha ha. Never mind. Will stop whinging on now and not blog again until I can think of something cheerful to talk about :)

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