Wednesday, 23 December 2009


A very strange thing has happened. I have read my whole blog from one end to the other and the things that I thought happened early this year, were actually happening early 2008. I feel as if I have lost a whole year! I told my good friend on Saturday that 2009 was my year of self-discovery, to discover from my blog, that was 2008! I also didn't buy an astrology book for this year, unheard of! Good gracious! What happened to my head this year, I feel as if I've lost it.

So then, on with the self-discovery and 2010 is going to be my year of health. I have to get these various problems sorted out! Also I have realised from reading my blog that this tiredness of mine goes back two years at least. I have blamed my job, vitamin pills, nurofen, diet and have I thought of hormones? I think I discounted them when my blood tests came back OK and not menopausal. So what is causing this? I have to find out because for the last 10 days I have been barely able to function and it has gone way past a joke. Or an amusing fad. Today has been much better and I am sure I will be better now for a few days, weeks if I am lucky, but then it will creep back up on me and peaks for a day and then ebbs once again. There have been so many false clues and red herrings! Ah well, carry on regardless, as my grandfatherr would say.

I will get to the bottom of it, everything that I do find out, is one more clue and one more thing to be discounted or included. The investigation continues.

Also my daughter is still estranged, over two years now. And Christmas is nearly here.

Also, I make myself laugh and that can't be a bad thing! A lot of the entries are so cryptic I can't remember the circumstances that prompted them! I have let my inner Child run riot through my blog, it has been a lot of fun! I think that's what has happened, I have been sensible and grown up for a whole year and I have nearly bored myself to death! Bring on the child I say, the more tantrumus, the better. Hello, you naughty girl, where have you been?, I have missed you! Welcome back :)

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