Monday, 28 December 2009

Christmas 2009

This has been a good Christmas. Better than expected and that always works.

Christmas Day was spent, nearly in its entirety, with my Lovely Son. A leisurely breakfast on the beach, which included sparkling wine but no vodka - which is just as well if you ask me! Berries, soya cream, cheeses, ham, gluten-free biscuits and muffins, sparkling vino and sweetened OJ. Unfortunately camera-free, or I could show you the gorgeous beach, but that might be just as well, considering it was early in the morning and the under-eye bags were frighteningly large!

Back home for showers and pressies. And snowballs! No snow in Aus, have to make up for it somehow! (And there, at last, is the vodka!) My Lovely Son so craved snow this year that he saved up any and all polystyrene for the last 12 months and then put the lot through the blender and scattered the result around his house, oh dear, I think he has made some attempt to clean it up already and already has overheated the vacuum cleaner! Ah, the joys of youth :)

On to the next stage of the day, and Himself going to fetch his friend and Self putting roast on - in inebriated state - those snowballs are lethal, I tell you! But, success! Food NOT masacred, always handy :) Lovely Son and Lovely Friend arrived, all is good, Friend IS Lovely! Marvellous, wonderful, especially as Self has never met Friend before and anything might have been possible! But all is OK, phew.

Food goes well, conversation goes well, company is genial :) Marvellous! Here are some photos....

Where are Lovely Son's antlers? He was wearing them! Notice the fetchingly placed angel :)

Lovely Friend has very fetching pixie hat - I want one!

Self has forgotten make-up in drunken scramble to open-pressies-and-cook-dinner while endeavouring to appear sober and sensible :) And succeeded, admirably, no-one knew Self was plastered! Am sure of that! :)

The day continued with Self going to Own Friends house and congregating with lots of other friends, all so drunk that taking out a camera was impossible! And so, no evidence of hilarity or good times, but there we are, good times were had and there the matter will have to rest, and no Blackmail Material was garnered! Sigh.

Boxing Day was spent on the beach, unfortunaltely listening to a Father berating his young sons for a number of hours and so, could have been better but weather fantasic and snorkelling was had....

All lovely and blue and green, you will notice. Although, apart from small sprat-like fish and blowies, no other fish evident. Am going to have to scuba dive again if I want to see them on my screen. Or poach someone else's photo's of course!

Sunday was spent in Subi and Mt Lawley buying books and having lunch. I now have 5 queued up to read plus another 2 on order. It is a terrible thing to have no books to read and that most terrible situation has now been remedied. The following treats were purchased by Yours Truly.... Small Island by Andrea Levy, The Time Travellers Wife by Audrey Niffenegger (what a brilliant name!), Two Caravans by Marina Lewycka (have read A Short History of Tractors in Ukrainian and therefore must read this one also :), Alice Hartleys Happiness by Philippa Gregory and The Alphabet Sisters by Monica McInerney. Then 2 on order are The Power of Now by Ekhart Tolle and Flip it by Michael Heppell :):):) La la la! What decadence! What extravigance!

Monday and the last day of the Christmas break for me, again spent on the beach, no photo's, no snorkelling but a Whole Book demolished! Marvellous! Love Monica McInerney! Great beach reading! Also, no dreadful Fathers turning their sons into criminals today, thank The Universe for that! Also, the most wonderful weather - hot and still, breaze off the land and the sea like a mill pond. Marvellous for floating around and NOT being dumped by pesky waves. Not a surf board in sight, dreadful surfing weather, wonderful floating weather!

To round off the day, hot chips and cappucino whilst sitting on a hot sea wall, simply relishing the view and the weather and Glorious, Marvellous Australia.

And so, it is back to work tomorrow and then for the New Year..... an excursion, an adventure, a photo opportunity extra-ordinaire!!!! Watch this space! :)))))

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