Sunday, 27 September 2009

Playing with Art :)

Yesterday was the first hot day of the season, I think. I indulged myself entirely, especially after the dreadful 10 days I've just had on wretched antibiotics, I thought I deserved it. Gosh, they made me feel ill, I couldn't even be bothered to go on the computer, for any reason and ended up having the last three days off work. Bleuch! Anti-bi's for parasites and helicobactor pylori, yuksville. But done now, yesterday was the LAST DAY! Day 10 Yay!

So, off in the car with the boot stuffed full of pastels and paper, a picnic, chair, etc And chilled basically. Lovely Jubbley. So, here is my first pastel for 13 years...... not too bad, not too unhappy with it. Some touchup is still needed which I shall do, and if it looks greatly different, will rephotograph it. I sat and painted at Resolution Point in Perth and had a lovely day, got some sunburn, but couldn't move 'cos then the view would change!

This one is of an unfinished mirror that I am working on right now. This is an interim photo. It is lilacs and daisies, no daisies as yet. you can see my ceiling vent in it :)

Two days ago I went to one of my favourite shops, Jacksons, an art supply shop - always dangerous - to buy pastel paper. I walked out of there quite a few dollars lighter and one draughtsmans board heavier. Here it is....

Ideal! No need to fill the dining room table with crap now, can eat off it again :) Also, it reminded me so much of the "desk" my Dad built for me when I was really young... he put a blackboard on one side of the board and white on the other. I had it all through my childhood and painted and studied at it. I can remember the picture he chalked onto the blackboard - I didn't rub it out for about six months! Trip back to childhood every time I see it, there was no way I was leaving the shop without it really :)

So, this next one is a hibiscus box, inside and out. I like boxes. Never know what to put in them, but there you are. This is the first piece of folk art I have done in about 2 years and am having to relearn all the brush strokes, literally have forgotten what each brush is for, tragic, even forgot how to smoosh! Drastic. Haha!

So, what today? Am still not feeling brill, am not over these anti-bi's yet, tomorrow maybe... May need another day of self-prescribed relaxation - the beach and a box of watercolours beckons.... :)

Sunday, 6 September 2009

Girls Night Out

This is not the next day, it's the same day and I have had a great evening of drinking and dancing until my feet bloody hurt. Fantastic! I feel great. And drunk. I certainly needed that :)

Saturday, 5 September 2009

Death, the Universe and Everything

It's quite amazing how a brush with death concentrates the mind. My mother had a mild stroke this week. In England of course and I am in Aus. She is fine and back home now and sounds so grateful to be there and is making gentle jokes about what a much longer shopping trip it was than she meant it to be. Humour is always a good sign. And now she is fine and back home with my Dad, I can relax here and send the little presents over as an apology and a guilt offering for not being there myself. She tells me she misses her daughter - I know what that is like.

It's quite hard. It makes me think then of all the family I have in other places and how much I want to be with them, and not even with them but be able to have ready access to them in times of need, theirs or mine. I love it here in Aus, I don't think I could actually live anywhere else, certainly not in rainy and light-challenged England. If I was there, of course, I'd be missing my children and the very good friends I have here. I'm not sure I can recommend emmigrating - you can then never go back. Never. You are always torn between two worlds.

I have nephews and nieces in Blighty that I chat to on facespace every so often and see their photo's and laugh at the things they say, they are so YOUNG, and vital and it tears me up sometimes. It would be so nice for my kids to have access to their cousins, they are all of an age and might, might even like each other. It would have given my daughter other choices wouldn't it, for advice and people to talk to when she needed them and I did not live up to her needs.

Oh god, I'm in a bad head space right now. See what I mean? A near death experience really concentrates the mind.