Saturday, 1 August 2009

Serious research, trial group size = 1

I realised one of those very obvious facts of life today. They hit me every so often, and I wonder if everyone else has realised them. Or if I've made an amazing discovery. So here it is.

The reason so many of us adults are overweight is because (And you know there's been a lot of research put into this, I think the result was remote controls wasn't it? They should ask me, I know the answer! Pick me, pick me!) as kids, you had to be torn away from your lovely pastime. You were playing very happily and had to be made to stop to come and eat, didn't you? Remember your Mum telling you dinner was ready and you were not wanting to stop travelling around the world, or flying to the moon or winning the olympics. It was as bad as having to stop to go to the toilet wasn't it? You'd be hopping up and down and practically wetting yourself before you'd stop and go to the loo. Or was that just me?

So, it was a major bore, in my experience, being made to wash your hands and sitting at the table, "nicely" and eating that dreadful food! Bits of fat and random chewy bits! Disgusting meatloaf and broad beans! Bleuch! You had to wait for everyone to finish and if you snuck off to the loo to spit the wretched food out, somehow your Mum knew what you'd done! And if you dropped it on the floor for the dog, the dog wouldn't eat it either! Or made so many telltale chomping, lip-smacking noises he gave the whole game away and then got banned from the room. And of course your Mum was an excellent cook, the same as my Mum probably, but somehow, you didn't find out about that until you were about 13. Or more.

I have so many memories of dreadful food and awful meals as a young child. Of being too full, of having to finish everything on the plate, of having to sit at the table by myself for an hour after the meal until I did finish everything on the plate! I don't know what my mother was thinking of quite frankly. But all that desensitisation to food and brainwashing to dread mealtimes didn't work! I'm still obsessed with food and its deliciousness!

Now what happens? Now eating and food IS the lovely pastime! Now we plan our meals days in advance, we think of delicious tidbits to have between meals and after meals, we buy wonderful wines to go with the meal. We LIVE for food! Or is that just me? I still hate those random chewy bits and lumps of fat, but I'm the cook and I can cut them off! Broad beans are OFF the menu! In fact that's the only bit of brainwashing that actually took.

So there we have it. The problem now is that eating has become the playtime and we have to stop to do other stuff, like hanging out the washing, going to work, vacuuming. Maybe the problem is we DON'T play anymore and meals are the break from work and one of the most fun parts of the day.

So, is that ground-breaking research or what? Have I figured out the obesity problem?

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