Saturday, 8 August 2009

Food intolerances and elimination diets

For as long as I can remember, I have had problems with my stomach. If I was a child now, I would be taken to a specialist by my loving parents and diagnosed with something or other. I wasn't however and now have various food intolerance's and IBS and the dreaded piles as a result. Not that I am blaming anyone, understand that, it is just the way the cookie crumbles, born too early medically speaking. So, now, after a lifetime of self-diagnoses and self-help, interspersed with professional help every so often when it all got too much for me, I have decided to find out "once and for all", what the bloody hell is going on with ye olde bod.

I have had various invasive tests and surgical procedures, all to no avail, or rather, there is nothing physically wrong. Nothing sinister growing, no major disease etc, etc. So, I am free to think I am a nuisance to myself and everyone around me, but I have more self confidence than that! Ha ha! So, what is the next logical step?

I have consulted a nutritionist. I have been given an elimination diet to follow for 32 days before seeing the (very young and skinny!) chap again. I have eaten the recommended lamb, chicken, brown rice, about 10 vegetables, water and sea salt for ten days. The first three were completely taken over with a headache, the following seven were FANTASTIC! Energy, wellness in stomach and head! I can't remember how long it is since I felt so GRRRRREAT actually! Marvellous. Was wonderful, if boring, and if I ever see another slow roasted carrot I'm going to have to kill someone! But all good.

After the ten days, every 48 hours, a new food from a list is added in. If there is no reaction then I get to keep the food, yay! If a bad reaction occurs (pears OMG) then drop the food, and wait 48 hours before adding in the next food.

OK, first on the list - pears. The fruit with the highest fructose content. The day of eating was OK, but I woke up with a case of 24 hour stomach cramps plus the inevitable. Lovely. Right on Baby! Fructose intolerance, didn't see that one coming! Next on the list is milk. In fact I'm off for a glass of the cold, white frothy stuff right now. My breath is bated! My stomach awaits the onslaught.

The whole process will take a minimum of 32 days, longer if I am going to be really pedantic and the way the weight is dropping off me right now, I may be! Ha ha! I reckon you need to take your weight loss advantages wherever you can, and obviously this is a major advantage right now. No sugar, no alcohol, no delicious buttery toast, no chocolate! no crispy, crunchy, fatty yumminess of any description etc, etc, etc!!!! I've lost about 4kg in ten days. Absolutely bloody brilliant! And as this is to carry on for at least a month, I am hopeful it won't sneak back on - I live in hope, am ever hopeful! :))))

Actually, the hardest thing has been the lack of tea - hence the three day headache! Not a coffee headache, a TEA headache! And breakfast is the hardest meal to find, but it's not too bad and worth the effort I can tell you :)

Ideally, and the best way to carry out an elimination diet is each food should be added in the same way, not just one food from each suspect group. So, I shall go ahead with the approved list, go back and see the young skinny man and see what should happen next - I can't not eat fruit for the duration of my sorry life, lets face it! After seeing the chappy, will attempt to add in each food before I eat it properly again - see? A lifetime of self-diagnosis and self-help is not easy to discard! At least I know what foods to go back to if my stomach rebels at any time! Which is a relief, I can tell you. Bloody stomach! :( But it's mine and I love it, dear little thing! I believe it wants to be a train driver when it grows up, aaahhhh.

Did I mention a poo sample was sent off to Sydney for analysis as well? That was fun! See? All angles covered. Possibly I am just the ultimate food faddist (the Goff will be nodding at this point) but maybe not and maybe this will help and lets face it I feel fine and am not sick, au contraire, am in the rudest of health :))))) I am sure they will get used to me at work, rolling around the office holding my stomach and groaning! And I've come to like rice milk, I really have!

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