Monday, 31 August 2009

Elimination diet update

I am back from seeing the clinical nutritionist this arvo. Very interesting session. Of course always interesting when you are discussing your own insides and have the undivided attention of a professional who only wants to discuss your insides and not their own at all!

So, the upshot of the whole elimination diet is thus:
Non-coeliac gluten intolerance
Fructose mal-absorption (never heard of this one before this experience)
Possible lactose intolerance (needs further experimentation)
Chocolate intolerance (Good grief! How am I going to SURVIVE!!)

But the cruncher:
Helicobacter pylori bacteria (stomach ulcer bacteria discovered by some Australian chappies)
Dientamoeba fragilis parasite (Yes! PARASITE! Ewwwww!)and
Intestinal flora all out of whack (certainly expected)

One of the symptoms of these various nasties is multiple food sensitivities. Aha! Also, I might have had this lot for 20 years!!

So. Antibiotics are the order of the day. And probiotics. And a fructose malabsorption diet. So, the story continues......

On a much happier note I spent a fortune at the weekend, a spot of retail therapy without a doubt, and am now the proud owner of two books on watercolour painting, The watercolour artists bible by Marylin Scott, The watercolour flower artists bible by Claire Waite Brown and a small watercolour paint box. Also a new deck of tarot cards (Tarot of the Old Path) plus a very interesting book called The tarot directory by Annie Lionnet.

Of course, it's very funny them being called bibles considering how I feel about the pukka bible, so have a giggle at that then, I did :)

I also splashed out on a weejee board (how do you spell that?) Aha! Ouija board, (thank you and The Goff) so that will be fun.

I also splashed out on a new quilt and cover and cushions for the spare bed, it's just not right having friends to stay and then freezing them overnight, as if it might help preserve them in some way, especially useless if I've only just set light to them in my kitchen!

Did I buy anything else? Oh yes, I did! Bunnings! More plants and mulch. And a trolley to put my paints in so I don't have to keep carrying them around in buckets!

See? Retail therapy of the first order :))))

God, I had a fantastic time. And I am still enjoying my job. AND I didn't catch the childrens colds! Hoorah!

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