Sunday, 5 July 2009

Bill and Bob

Had a brilliant night last night. Not alcohol-fuelled either! One of my dear friends is in a new relationship, to quote facebook, and my relationship statusee and I went out for the evening with my friend and her statusee. Had a great time. Her statusee and my statusee, lets just call them Bill and Bob for the purposes of anonymity and brevity, got on like a house on fire. Excellent :o)

We ate at a restaurant we have only just discovered, and the food was pretty damn good, we watched the rugby and the right team won - well, we were supporting different sides, but everyone seemed to agree on who deserved to win, and win they did. Bill and Bob were very diplomatic with each other over the different sides and had loads in common as they have both played rugby in their prime - not that they are past their prime, you understand? :o) Just a bit more knobbly, wobbly and injured! Mainly due to the rugby playing in fact.

My friend and I will still have to catch up soon to talk about the important girlie stuff, as all boys talk about is rugby and beer, which is weird, don't you think? It's absolutely not possible to talk properly with the boys there, but boy, there certainly were a lot of laughs last night.


Flibbertigibbet said...

I think there's a great episode of Scrubs where the girls want to talk about serious stuff so they say something about shoes and or shopping and both boys tune them out so they say their bit before saying something like 'lingerie' at which point the boys tune straight back in.
I laugh because it's oh so true :)

Anonymous said...

"sotwoes" - I just had to comment because this is the verification word and I happen to think it's quite a delicious one!

Carrie said...

And it is too! These boys were funny because they said to us, more than once, OK, just off to the loo/outside for a fag, you girls can catch up while we're gone. And off they go for 3 mins and 30 secs and expect us to have caught up and be finished and ready to talk about the rugby again! :o))))