Sunday, 5 July 2009

Bill and Bob

Had a brilliant night last night. Not alcohol-fuelled either! One of my dear friends is in a new relationship, to quote facebook, and my relationship statusee and I went out for the evening with my friend and her statusee. Had a great time. Her statusee and my statusee, lets just call them Bill and Bob for the purposes of anonymity and brevity, got on like a house on fire. Excellent :o)

We ate at a restaurant we have only just discovered, and the food was pretty damn good, we watched the rugby and the right team won - well, we were supporting different sides, but everyone seemed to agree on who deserved to win, and win they did. Bill and Bob were very diplomatic with each other over the different sides and had loads in common as they have both played rugby in their prime - not that they are past their prime, you understand? :o) Just a bit more knobbly, wobbly and injured! Mainly due to the rugby playing in fact.

My friend and I will still have to catch up soon to talk about the important girlie stuff, as all boys talk about is rugby and beer, which is weird, don't you think? It's absolutely not possible to talk properly with the boys there, but boy, there certainly were a lot of laughs last night.

Thursday, 2 July 2009

Witchy world

The Goff and I went to see "The Year One" with Jack Black. If you are tempted to go, don't bother. Unless of course you are a big fan of Mr JB and love his movies, then you might - might like this one. The night was a bit of a disaster all round really. You know how sometimes you go out and the night turns into a complete romp, it might have been an impromtu get-together and turns out to be a BLAST! Well, this was the opposite of that really. Planned night turning into a "oh god, why did we bother?".

It was a Tuesday, which is called "bargain night" for you Dear Reader who is not an Aussie - this means half price night at the flicks. Of course this means maximum saturation by teenager. 10 coach loads, in uniform, to be precise - where did they come from? Goodness knows, but come they did, in their droves. A HERD of teenagers. A FLOCK of teenagers. A veritable GAGGLE of NOISE.

They did eventually quiet down for the movie itself, so that's good - sigh of relief, can now hear self think. But, oh dear, what is self thinking? Crap bloody movie, that is what self is thinking! Good grief. I knew we should have gone to see "The Hangover" instead!

Anyway, on to better things, my book for one. I am astounded by Anne Rice. What an amazing author. She writes so WELL. You care about her characters, you are enthralled in her characters. Where does she get her ideas from? How does she carry them so well for so long? The plot is excellent and you have no idea where it is going, the book pulls you in and makes you late for work every morning, makes your lunch run late every day and goodness knows what's happening in the world, because I am oblivious to it (alright, I know, more oblivious than normal!). Everything is whizzing right on by and I am in this witchy world to the exclusion of everything else around me.

The Witching Hour by Anne Rice is the current poison. I have phoned the book shop and ordered the next book in the series,"Lasher", just to make sure I can go from one to the other :) I have torn myself away from New Orleans to make a quick survey of the online world before I plunge back in. i would say that this book is better than her vampire books, waaaaay betterer!