Monday, 22 June 2009

Soothing blue boats

I have only recently "discovered" Anne Rice. I have just started The Witching Hour and my word, it's excellent already! That woman can certainly write up a storm. The Vampire Chronicles was marvellous and I really enjoyed it, although by the third book she was getting a bit strange...

I think it is totally amazing how some people have all these stories in their heads. And are able, of course, to convey the picture from their own head to yours via the page. In such a way that you become so involved with the characters that they become a part of yourself. What a legacy. Tim Winton has just won the Miles Franklin award for the fourth time, awesome! What an achievment. I have "Breath" here, ready to read, but Anne Rice snuck in there first!

I went to the movies with my son last night, to see Dylan Moran in a weird, black movie, oh my gosh, we laughed so hard! "A movie with me in it". Check it out, "A black comedy about screenwriting and slightly fatal accidents"

There is a preview on this website, which I unfortunately can't view as the dear man I'm living with mopped up the whole months allocation of uber amounts of gigabytes in two weeks watching the rugby! All well and good, you may say, what better thing is there to spend your gigabytes on? Ha! Until 1st July, I am down to uber slow while The Man uses his other computer and his own broadband! Now that mine's all gone! Chuh! Men!

Anyway, it was an excellent nights viewing. Basically, nearly everyone dies in the most strange and unlikely manner. Only 97 minutes long though, thank goodness, because by the time the fifth dead body comes around, you really want done with it all!

Tomorrow is Orientation Day once again. They come round every two weeks and this will be the second talk I've given. OSH. Such a lovely subject. Really riveting, you know? The height of interest. So far I've rewritten the existing talk and redone some of the power point slides, I've only given the second half though. I'm being eased in! My boss gave the first half last time, the aim is then for me to do the first half this time and then Bob's your uncle, I can take over and do the lot. An hour long presentation on the legislation of occupational safety and health. THERE! I knew it! Your eyes just closed, didn't they? Own up!

What joy. I have decided to wear really funky clothes to keep everyones interest up. Maybe one of those waggling head bands, with feelers or tentacles of some sort? I think if there's waving and trembling going on as I'm talking, it will keep everyone awake. I've added some startling pictures to the presentation, I tried putting in zooming effects but that's not allowed. Not Corporate enough. Ahem.

Actually, Red Nose Day is coming up..... that gives me a few ideas....

Anyway, here is a nice soothing blue picture for you, I know you got all agitated there with the thought of an hour long OSH presentation, given by an idiot in a red nose! (It took 10 full minutes to upload this, so I hope you appreciate it!)


Flibbertigibbet said...

I've never read Anne Rice. I scare embarrassingly easily and daren't read about vampires for fear I'll never sleep again.

An hour long presentation! I'm impressed you can do that at all, no matter what the subject!!!

My verification word is 'outsi', isn't that the word for a type of belly button? ;)

Carrie said...

Dear Bellybutton Lady!

I haven't given the whole hour presentation yet.... I am going to be a tad nervous on the day that I do the first one. This one was quite hair raising because my boss gave the first half and overran by half again. She left me 15 minutes to give a half hours worth of slides! I talked amazingly fast! Like Speedy Gonzalis on double espresso's! It maight be a relief to do the whole thing myself, or so I am telling myself :o)

As for Anne Rice, her books are excellent and not scary, I don't think.... I scare easily too and have been known to watch the scary bits of quite normal movies through my fingers. And I don't read horror or nasty things at all.... but Anne Rice hasn't given me any trouble at all. It is pure fantasy and written well without trying to scare or shock, they are thinking vampires! Honest! :o)