Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Sad News and Glad News

You never do know what is coming.... yesterday my neighbour, who is a friend, told me she had just relapsed and had tested positive for leukemia once again. Two years ago, she nearly died from the treatment and now has to go through it all again. I would be so scared.... as I am sure she is. Older lady, GP herself, what a hard thing to have to go through. And of course, there is nothing I can do apart from give her a hug. Whatever happens is your own trial and others can comfort you but in the end, it is your experience, good or bad and you're in it by yourself.

Then this morning I learnt that one of my very good friends is now "in a relationship" (lovely phrasing, thank you facebook!) and that is the most WONDERFUL news! So, I am much cheered but my poor friend next door is away into hospital this morning and I send her my love and best wishes. Good luck.


Flibbertigibbet said...

The universe is a strange thing, it seems to always give you both sides of a coin at almost the same time.
Good and bad need one another to exist and I sincerely wish we could live without the latter.

Carrie said...

I recently recieved an email, one of the "send to all your friends" etc type emails, I deleted it but wished I hadn't now, it was called "I wish you enough"....basically saying, among other things, I wish you enough bad things to know when good things are going on, enough pain to appreciate health, enough sadness to appreciate happiness etc, better worded though :o) Where was I going with that? Oh yes, good and bad do need each other to exist, you are not going to know you have the one without having had a dose of the other. Just hope the dose of the bad stuff is small and easy to bear. And the good stuff is very, very good :o)