Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Lovely Day :o)

Well, I've had a lovely day today. Ran an OSH Committee meeting that went very well, had a pleasant drive there and back in the wind and the rain listening to a new CD that the GoffMan got for me, all cocooned in my swishy car. Yes, I have come to love my new car! It's so glidey when you drive it, it's so new and shiny!! :o)

After work I had a few things to do and just pottered around the neighbourhood doing just that. I adore having no time agenda at all. I pootled to the supermarket, wandered across to the bank, mosied on down to Mt Lawley and smooched up and down Beaufort St, one of my favourite places to be.

It's winter, so I get to wear my favourite coat, ankle length, black, thick stuff, battling my cheap airport umbrella, all good fun!

Managed to resist going in to the Dome for a coffee (not supposed to be drinking coffee right now) but could not resist just popping in to Planet Books, always a dangerous thing to do, and buying a copy of Douglas Adams Hitchhikers Guide - all five books in one! I've not read any of them yet, so this will be a treat :o)

The GoffMan cooked the dinner and dished up a very acceptable chicken stir-fry with rice, yummity yumm!

Then spent the rest of the evening watching Brad Pitt (he's delicious isn't he?) in a movie while picking away at the computer, which is good to have something else to do at the same time 'cos as you may remember the internet is really slow until 1st July! So, here we all are, the GoffMan and his anklebiters and yours truly, in the warm, with the wind and rain howling (and boy, is it doing that!) and we are all well and healthy and happy.

With enough of the bad stuff to appreciate the good stuff :o) Sooper.

So now I am off to read Anne Rice, The Witching Hour and to look at the growing pile of books yet to be read on my bedside table, Tim Winton Breath and now Douglas Adams :o) All good. A satisfying day.


Flibbertigibbet said...

You know, I cannot get the hang of our opposite seasons, here we are mid heatwave and you are in a winter coat. It messes with my head!

My word verification (I have an obsession with these) is spulli. Which I'm sure is a pasta shape.

Carrie said...

And boy, is it winter right now! Howling and galing for four days solid so far - which is VERY unAustralian, I can tell you!