Monday, 29 June 2009

Food Dude

I visited the food chappy today. He has recommended I go on an elimination diet. Sounds fine? 10 days of eating lamb, brown rice and about 6 vegetables and filtered water. That's it. Breakfast is going to be a challenge. Then 12 foods being introduced one at a time every 48 hours to see the effects. Oh, and sending a poo off to Sydney! Lucky them. Alternatively, I could send them an item of furniture, I am sure they would be MUCH happier with a stool rather than a poo. And I have a spare one of those in the shed, coincidentally and fortuitously! I wonder how much it will cost to wrap? Of course, this does mean NO ALCOHOL for 34 days. Joy. On the bright side, I am going to lost STACKS of weight!

I can't start until the Goff and I come back from Brisbane in four weeks time though, that would just be taking the Michael. So, I will spend the interim eating a "wholesome and refreshing diet" to get ready for the anti-alcohol onslaught! Alternatively, I could go on an alcohol and chocolate binge.....

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