Saturday, 20 June 2009

Books for swapping..... and Yeast, lovely!

I have some books here that I bought new and didn't really enjoy and so stopped reading and therefore don't want to keep but are in excellent condition.... At the moment I sell them to a second hand book shop for credit on their books for a criminally low price and then usually forget to redeem before the due date. Which is a tad frustrating. Is there any other system out there? A swap system maybe? Any ideas anyone? Currently I have The Abhorsen Chronicles by Garth Nix, The Last Lecture by Randy Pausch plus others of course, does seem a waste. Can't recommend them though really.... Of course being in Aus doesn't help my case!

Anyway, on to other news, I am much flabbergasted by recent developments in health - my own! That is one thing about a blog - it is very selfish! The things I have learnt today certainly apply to my children as well, and if I can get them to read this stuff, all well and good, if not, I will do this thing myself and see what happens, probably best anyway.

All very mysterious.

I read an article in last weeks weekend paper called "The Food Dude" about a chap in the UK called Ian Marber, a nutritionist with a company called The Food Doctor. It was such a tease, that article. Why did they run it?, is my main question. Is the guy here giving a talk or something? Not that I can see, and the article is extrememly interesting but does not have enough info in to actually DO anything from. What next? is my next question.

Half the damn day on Google, that's what next and the discovery of another chap here who seems to know what he's talking about in the same line as Ian Marber, Blake Graham from Nutritional Healing. Have attempted to make an appointment. Have to wait until Monday for that though.

In an earlier blog I wrote about the extreme tirdeness I was suffering from, thought it was ibuprofen in the end, but I still have it, just not quite as bad as it was, I have actually given up and now just go with the flow. Tired today? Then never mind, will probably be better tomorrow, don't stress over it. That has been what I've been doing. However, chronic tiredness along with all the other symptoms I have, all varied and weird and seemingly not connected to any one body part, are ALL spookily listed as symptoms of yeast over population. OMG. including a major health problem I had in 1983. Including all sorts of things I have had as a child and on into adulthood. Cripes.

I know I am prone to launching myself off at tangents for various crackpot schemes both mental and physical but this seems worth investigating a bit deeper. I know my son has some weird and wonderful things a bit dodgy with himself too and even my daughter, who I don't know at all of course, has a few of the things that I know of, on this list. And they both are of the age where they have had antibiotics prescribed for them from a very early age. And my son was on broad spectrum, high dose antibiotics for months and months for acne.... poor kid. Heck. It's enough to make a mother squirm with guilt!

Ah well, I'll keep you informed of fact here is a link to the very interesting article I have read this morning:
And this is the chap I'm trying to get in to see:

Pip, pip

By the way, the Goff Man spent most of today laughing at me and my propensity (great word) for fads! I know he's right! I just can't help myself, I swear! My son did not laugh, he was interested.... oh dear, poor lad, he's got my fad-disease hasn't he?


Flibbertigibbet said...

I've had The Food Doctors bagels! They're pretty damn good! ;)
I was tired all the time, but mine was down to having almost no vitamin B12 in me :)

Anyway, over on another blog I read, Sleepydumpling I remembered she had mentioned a website you might like -
She's in Brisbane so I know it works over your way! :)
Might sort out those books you don't want.
Otherwise, you can sell them on Amazon - it's realllllllly easy!

Carrie said...

Well, that's good, thank you, I'll check them both out :o)

I don't think we get The Food Doctor's anythings over here... it was such a tease that article. Dreadful.