Monday, 29 June 2009

Food Dude

I visited the food chappy today. He has recommended I go on an elimination diet. Sounds fine? 10 days of eating lamb, brown rice and about 6 vegetables and filtered water. That's it. Breakfast is going to be a challenge. Then 12 foods being introduced one at a time every 48 hours to see the effects. Oh, and sending a poo off to Sydney! Lucky them. Alternatively, I could send them an item of furniture, I am sure they would be MUCH happier with a stool rather than a poo. And I have a spare one of those in the shed, coincidentally and fortuitously! I wonder how much it will cost to wrap? Of course, this does mean NO ALCOHOL for 34 days. Joy. On the bright side, I am going to lost STACKS of weight!

I can't start until the Goff and I come back from Brisbane in four weeks time though, that would just be taking the Michael. So, I will spend the interim eating a "wholesome and refreshing diet" to get ready for the anti-alcohol onslaught! Alternatively, I could go on an alcohol and chocolate binge.....

Sunday, 28 June 2009

Sad films....

I went to the pictures last night. When I was a child I went to the "pictures", does one still do that? Is it the "movies" nowadays? This was definitely the pictures though. The Windosr in Nedlands was built in the 1930's (OLD for Aus!) and is still all olde worlde, smelled of 1930's butter too. Anyway, I have tried to find a photo of the cinema but to no avail, Google has failed me. Apparently they tried to put it onto the Heritage list but due to "unsympathetic interior and exterior alterations", it was declined. It is certainly tired and the seats aren't the best and there is no frontage, which might be why there is no photo... anyway, it was a different experience to the normal movie cinema, which was good, especially for a period film with subtitles.

The film was sad. I try to avoid sad films because they make me cry and I did cry. So did the woman behind me, I heard her. At least I cried quietly! I always cry when someones great love dies and the person is left alone. Coco stayed alone for 60 years. 60 years!!! How awful, dreadful, and very, very sad. She may have built an empire and been an iconic figure etc and the style of our clothes today may well be because of her bravery and groundbreaking style back then, but 60 years alone! OMG.

I also cried when I watched the film about Beatrix Potter, Miss Potter, howled in fact. Quietly though.

But the film about Jane Seymour and Superman, (there I am getting my actors muddled up with their characters, of course) I did NOT cry quietly! Gosh, I do remember that one, I was inconsolable for days after that one!!! I did watch it at home though, so didn't do the howly thing in the cinema. In fact I have to try to find that one....will Google fail me again this morning? No! FOUND IT!!!

Somewhere in Time.

I watched it in 1980 early something or other, when my husband was on nights and I was by myself in the house and howled and howled!!!! I cried so much I had to phone my Mum (not the most sympathetic person in the world, but I was pretty desperate) and blubbered on the phone to her for ages! I'm not even going to watch that U-tube preview, just in case!

Anyway, Coco Avant Chanel wasn't THAT bad, but still.... 60 years - what an awful thought :(

Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Lovely Day :o)

Well, I've had a lovely day today. Ran an OSH Committee meeting that went very well, had a pleasant drive there and back in the wind and the rain listening to a new CD that the GoffMan got for me, all cocooned in my swishy car. Yes, I have come to love my new car! It's so glidey when you drive it, it's so new and shiny!! :o)

After work I had a few things to do and just pottered around the neighbourhood doing just that. I adore having no time agenda at all. I pootled to the supermarket, wandered across to the bank, mosied on down to Mt Lawley and smooched up and down Beaufort St, one of my favourite places to be.

It's winter, so I get to wear my favourite coat, ankle length, black, thick stuff, battling my cheap airport umbrella, all good fun!

Managed to resist going in to the Dome for a coffee (not supposed to be drinking coffee right now) but could not resist just popping in to Planet Books, always a dangerous thing to do, and buying a copy of Douglas Adams Hitchhikers Guide - all five books in one! I've not read any of them yet, so this will be a treat :o)

The GoffMan cooked the dinner and dished up a very acceptable chicken stir-fry with rice, yummity yumm!

Then spent the rest of the evening watching Brad Pitt (he's delicious isn't he?) in a movie while picking away at the computer, which is good to have something else to do at the same time 'cos as you may remember the internet is really slow until 1st July! So, here we all are, the GoffMan and his anklebiters and yours truly, in the warm, with the wind and rain howling (and boy, is it doing that!) and we are all well and healthy and happy.

With enough of the bad stuff to appreciate the good stuff :o) Sooper.

So now I am off to read Anne Rice, The Witching Hour and to look at the growing pile of books yet to be read on my bedside table, Tim Winton Breath and now Douglas Adams :o) All good. A satisfying day.

Sad News and Glad News

You never do know what is coming.... yesterday my neighbour, who is a friend, told me she had just relapsed and had tested positive for leukemia once again. Two years ago, she nearly died from the treatment and now has to go through it all again. I would be so scared.... as I am sure she is. Older lady, GP herself, what a hard thing to have to go through. And of course, there is nothing I can do apart from give her a hug. Whatever happens is your own trial and others can comfort you but in the end, it is your experience, good or bad and you're in it by yourself.

Then this morning I learnt that one of my very good friends is now "in a relationship" (lovely phrasing, thank you facebook!) and that is the most WONDERFUL news! So, I am much cheered but my poor friend next door is away into hospital this morning and I send her my love and best wishes. Good luck.

Monday, 22 June 2009

Soothing blue boats

I have only recently "discovered" Anne Rice. I have just started The Witching Hour and my word, it's excellent already! That woman can certainly write up a storm. The Vampire Chronicles was marvellous and I really enjoyed it, although by the third book she was getting a bit strange...

I think it is totally amazing how some people have all these stories in their heads. And are able, of course, to convey the picture from their own head to yours via the page. In such a way that you become so involved with the characters that they become a part of yourself. What a legacy. Tim Winton has just won the Miles Franklin award for the fourth time, awesome! What an achievment. I have "Breath" here, ready to read, but Anne Rice snuck in there first!

I went to the movies with my son last night, to see Dylan Moran in a weird, black movie, oh my gosh, we laughed so hard! "A movie with me in it". Check it out, "A black comedy about screenwriting and slightly fatal accidents"

There is a preview on this website, which I unfortunately can't view as the dear man I'm living with mopped up the whole months allocation of uber amounts of gigabytes in two weeks watching the rugby! All well and good, you may say, what better thing is there to spend your gigabytes on? Ha! Until 1st July, I am down to uber slow while The Man uses his other computer and his own broadband! Now that mine's all gone! Chuh! Men!

Anyway, it was an excellent nights viewing. Basically, nearly everyone dies in the most strange and unlikely manner. Only 97 minutes long though, thank goodness, because by the time the fifth dead body comes around, you really want done with it all!

Tomorrow is Orientation Day once again. They come round every two weeks and this will be the second talk I've given. OSH. Such a lovely subject. Really riveting, you know? The height of interest. So far I've rewritten the existing talk and redone some of the power point slides, I've only given the second half though. I'm being eased in! My boss gave the first half last time, the aim is then for me to do the first half this time and then Bob's your uncle, I can take over and do the lot. An hour long presentation on the legislation of occupational safety and health. THERE! I knew it! Your eyes just closed, didn't they? Own up!

What joy. I have decided to wear really funky clothes to keep everyones interest up. Maybe one of those waggling head bands, with feelers or tentacles of some sort? I think if there's waving and trembling going on as I'm talking, it will keep everyone awake. I've added some startling pictures to the presentation, I tried putting in zooming effects but that's not allowed. Not Corporate enough. Ahem.

Actually, Red Nose Day is coming up..... that gives me a few ideas....

Anyway, here is a nice soothing blue picture for you, I know you got all agitated there with the thought of an hour long OSH presentation, given by an idiot in a red nose! (It took 10 full minutes to upload this, so I hope you appreciate it!)

Saturday, 20 June 2009

Books for swapping..... and Yeast, lovely!

I have some books here that I bought new and didn't really enjoy and so stopped reading and therefore don't want to keep but are in excellent condition.... At the moment I sell them to a second hand book shop for credit on their books for a criminally low price and then usually forget to redeem before the due date. Which is a tad frustrating. Is there any other system out there? A swap system maybe? Any ideas anyone? Currently I have The Abhorsen Chronicles by Garth Nix, The Last Lecture by Randy Pausch plus others of course, does seem a waste. Can't recommend them though really.... Of course being in Aus doesn't help my case!

Anyway, on to other news, I am much flabbergasted by recent developments in health - my own! That is one thing about a blog - it is very selfish! The things I have learnt today certainly apply to my children as well, and if I can get them to read this stuff, all well and good, if not, I will do this thing myself and see what happens, probably best anyway.

All very mysterious.

I read an article in last weeks weekend paper called "The Food Dude" about a chap in the UK called Ian Marber, a nutritionist with a company called The Food Doctor. It was such a tease, that article. Why did they run it?, is my main question. Is the guy here giving a talk or something? Not that I can see, and the article is extrememly interesting but does not have enough info in to actually DO anything from. What next? is my next question.

Half the damn day on Google, that's what next and the discovery of another chap here who seems to know what he's talking about in the same line as Ian Marber, Blake Graham from Nutritional Healing. Have attempted to make an appointment. Have to wait until Monday for that though.

In an earlier blog I wrote about the extreme tirdeness I was suffering from, thought it was ibuprofen in the end, but I still have it, just not quite as bad as it was, I have actually given up and now just go with the flow. Tired today? Then never mind, will probably be better tomorrow, don't stress over it. That has been what I've been doing. However, chronic tiredness along with all the other symptoms I have, all varied and weird and seemingly not connected to any one body part, are ALL spookily listed as symptoms of yeast over population. OMG. including a major health problem I had in 1983. Including all sorts of things I have had as a child and on into adulthood. Cripes.

I know I am prone to launching myself off at tangents for various crackpot schemes both mental and physical but this seems worth investigating a bit deeper. I know my son has some weird and wonderful things a bit dodgy with himself too and even my daughter, who I don't know at all of course, has a few of the things that I know of, on this list. And they both are of the age where they have had antibiotics prescribed for them from a very early age. And my son was on broad spectrum, high dose antibiotics for months and months for acne.... poor kid. Heck. It's enough to make a mother squirm with guilt!

Ah well, I'll keep you informed of fact here is a link to the very interesting article I have read this morning:
And this is the chap I'm trying to get in to see:

Pip, pip

By the way, the Goff Man spent most of today laughing at me and my propensity (great word) for fads! I know he's right! I just can't help myself, I swear! My son did not laugh, he was interested.... oh dear, poor lad, he's got my fad-disease hasn't he?

Facebook woes

There is gnashing of teeth and much swearing and cussing in my house this week. The GoffMan has been banned by Face Book. Told he was using a fake name and therefore had his account disabled! Well, the agony! You have no idea. This is a traumatic event. Especially as it is his real name and has been for the last 45 years, as he keeps pointing out to anyone who'll listen. As if we didn't believe him. A very long and scathing email was sent to facebook themselves, no answer back yet. But mainly of course, he spends a lot of time on facebook,it's the first thing he does each morning, checks up on the who, what, where of his zillion friends around the globe, it is part of who he is, so this has been very, very bad! Believe me. He has started a new account, under a fake name! Just to prove what wank it all is, I believe. This one has not been discovered yet......