Saturday, 4 April 2009


Well, here I am again. Four weeks on the job - new - completed. Everything is fine. I have got used to the new car and have stopped feeling so traitorous for abandoning Benji. Have named the new car Daphne, or Daf for short. The number plate is 1DAF961, so I'm not being very adventerous in the naming department really. And I was very happy to see a 96 in there, which is a very propitious number! It has feng shui :o), well, really, if you just reverse it, it makes me feel quite naughty! Two Chickie Babes, out here for a leisurely drive....hehe. Bring it on Daf, you sexy thing you!

On to more mundane matters, I still can't figure out why my iPhone battery is kaput after less than 12 hours, especially as I am not really using it yet...and it is brand, spanking new! Ah well, the mysteries of IT are many and varied and all, lets face it and be brutally honest, totally beyond me.

On a professional front, I have to see a woman at work. I haven't managed it yet. I tried to meet with her yesterday and maybe her karma is keeping her safe, as if I had seen her, I might have passed on this stinkerr of a cold, but anyway, that's not my point.

I am wondering how some people can be so bloody rude and get away with it. Postmistresses spring to mind. As do Newsagent counter workers. They are like a separate breed. I would have to include some doctors receptionists I've met, and a couple of Director's PA's. And now this dear old soul. (I am resisting the profanities you see, I am doing well aren't I?) I know this isn't personal, as she has never met me, or spoken to me, or even communicated with me in any way, despite emails and phone calls galore. It is the role. Occupational Safety and Health. "Oh good grief (or other expletives, I'll leave you to fill this in) not the Occupational Safety and Health yobbo's again! Yoiks! Methinks I will ignore, and then vacate the premises to make sure I do not have to meet the bounders! Tally Ho, I'm orf!"

And so, when I "dropped in" to introduce myself (in my best bib and tucker, new suit, cost $300 from NoniB - it's a corker!) to the blister. With my best "Hello, I was in the neighbourhood and thought I'd drop by and how pleased I am to meet you" smile, I was stymied at the first post! STOP! Do not pass GO, do not pick up $200! Receptionist (lovely lady) went in to the office to see if Madame could see me and came out again in a very short while with a "No, I'm afraid Madame Pompadore will not be able to see you" she didn't add "ever" but there was a hint of an everishness about her, that I'm quite sure I detected.....

So, back to the drawing board then. Tried phone calls, and voicemail messages, tried emails and making appointments for a phone conversation (good grief). All to no avail. Ignored the lot as if it was so much breeze. Ah, the spice and variety of life. It's all a challenge, hey what?