Monday, 23 February 2009


It woz me birfdee las Fursdie. Bin drunk evry nite since!!! OOh, me poor ed! An tired? Gor blimey, KNACKERED, is more like it!

Ah well, paying for it now, am I not?

So this week will be sensible, my last week on this job and I'm planning sense and sensibility! Will it work, I wonder? It might, it might, always worth a go, if you ask me.

So, Thursday night started off with a delishus meal cooked by my gorgeous fiance, which included cray fish, lots of them. And dessert :o) And sparkling vino, a particular partiality of mine :o)

On Friday a pub crawl was planned with an old friend. True the noise level got a bit too high and so it didn't really turn out to be the revel we had hoped, but still, a good time was had. But it is impossible to talk and get to know one another with a Banshee Wail going on all around, isn't it? Could just be old age talking here of course... After all, am nearly 50 (sob)

Saturday was a one pub visit with lots of friends, had a blast. Excellent fun. Been to the Brisbane Hotel in Beaufort St? It's a BRILLIANT pub, fantastic jazzy funky music and marvellous food. Go there. Now. :o)

Sunday was the Scotch Golf, Johhnie Walker Classic, pretty hot, pretty excellent day, got up a pretty thirst! So when we refreshed ourselves at our local drinking haunt and me birfdee was mentioned, I was once again inundated in sparkling vino! Very hard to say "no" to, and well, here we are again, tiddled!

So, tonight is nothing! Thank goodness! I am orf home to eat and sleep and not one drop of the devils brew will cross my lips!!! I will be entertained in a gentle fashion by Jeremy and wotsis face on Top Gear (in Vietnam tonight and lookin' good!) and no bottles will be opened. Unless it's a bottle of massage oil, that's allowed! On that note, am fairly sure I saw The Stig today, at least he was in a T-shirt that said "I am The Stig" but you can never be sure.....

I am practising of course for the Big 5 0. It will take a lot of practice, I am pretty sure of that! So, I thought I'd get in early. And because I keep thinking of the Big Number (5 aaah! 0 aahhh! It hurts, I can tell you, just thinking of those two numbers next to each other, gives me a pain in the cerebral cortex region ooh! aaahhhh!), 48 doesn't seem so bad :o) So, there is a year of 48 and then another year of 49 and then ......then there had better be a bloody big party, that's what! To ease the pain of transition!

One thing I did learn this weekend, it is NOT a good idea to get drunk on Stella. Well, any beer really. If I got up to go to the loo once in the night I got up five damn times at least! Staggering around drunk, stubbing my toes, looking for the right door with the loo inside it! Jeez! How do the Guys do it? Up and down, up and down, all night long! Strewth. And if anyone (Goffy) mentions any other bodily emissions and giggling, they are done for!!!

As for me, I'm back on the champers darlings! Just NOT tonight, hic.


Hubris said...

I've been scanning the blogosphere with purpose since reading your appeal and I think the difference between a really good blog and an indifferent blog, apart from those filled with pain and suffering (yawn), is charm. Take Pioneer Woman; her blog is just charming, although she probably wouldn't use that word to describe herself. More a 'rootin' tootin' journal of a modern day Waltons in real life'. There is a lot to her life, kids, cookin' cowboy food, herding cattle, home schoolin', etc etc and that is what gives her blog richness and warmth. What do you think? Without charm, a blog just becomes a modern teenage diary I think and nobody wants to know what we had for dinner and who fancies who.

Carrie said...

Hi H. Glad to hear that I have been the catalyst for some Research! :o) Charm is always good, I agree, and interesting stuff is excellent. But, you know, don't knock the "who fancies who" bizzo, that is interesting to at least TWO people? :o) I think Humour is the way to go. I like a good laugh and if you find a blog that makes you laugh, for whatever reason, then that is a good blog - for you. Wot U fink about that?

Flibbertigibbet said...

Do you know, it has been SO long since I had alcohol. I'm actually afraid what would happen were I to imbibe.
I think it might be as much fun just reading about everyone elses adventures!

There are SO many blogs out there, it's hard to find a good one, I used to sit and click next blog up at the top, just to see what I'd find.
Then I tried a new approach, clicking on the stuff in my info, to see who shared the same fave movies/music as me. That proved to be a good way to find some random blogs!

This time my word verification is: limpess - which is crying out for a definition!

Carrie said...

I think that it depends where you are in your life journey as to what appeals to you at this particular moment. Right now, Hubris is plumping for Charm and I am up there for Humour, and Flibbertigibbet is up for Variety and similarities to her own activities. Some I know thrive on differences and the chance of a verbal spat or two. I DO know that next week, we might all fancy something a bit different again. Such is the variety of life.

I have had a good read of a recently recommended blog to find that it is all too scary for me! In my opinion, there are not many things scarier than "normal" people doing the god-talk in their everyday conversations, oh deary me no! I know they are one beat away from turning into religious persecutors and the new inquisition. Beware! Run away!

When Kevin Rudd pulled the Christian angle during his campaign, I nearly had a heart attack! And voted for the other side on the strength of that. Fortunatley, since he got in, we have heard no more about it, but what do I know? Goodness knows what Christian idiocies he has implemented without anyones knowledge!

But I realise how incendiary all this is and how I am most likely calling for more hot coals to be heaped on my head!

Such is life.

On a much lighter note, I enjoyed The Women, new movie with Meg Ryan. Chickflick extraordinaire and not one mention of god :o) Thank god!