Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Wedding Belles

Argh! Guilt! Guilt! Is it the time of year or bloomin' what? People write to me, of course they do, it's Christmas for goodness sakes and I am supposed to reply! But I have no time! I swear I don't. In the morning I think I am too busy to go to work, I have much too much to do to waste time going to work. In the evening I think I am MUCH too busy to go home, I can't possibly manage it. On top of that I am feeling guilty for not emailing my friends and not phoning them often enough, and not writing my blog! Oh good lord.

I went to Weight Watchers tonight and was just thankful I was not back where I started. I've drunk too much, eaten out too often and not walked enough - and I feel guilty about that too. Good grief. Anyway, it's a new start. Every day is a new start. A line has been drawn under the last month and now it's time to go ahead with renewed wotsisnames. Luverly.

On Saturday I am going, with my Maid of Honour :o) (who is now getting married before me and so I think she gets a promotion to "Matron of Honour") to look at wedding dresses! Now that is going to be PURE PLEASURE, with no guilt attached at all. Raving! ha ha!

Although this is my second marriage, it will be my first wedding dress and I am really looking forward to it. The whole shin dig is going to be the best, most excellent weddingy shin diggery of all time!!! The GoffMan and I are going to have a BALL! Not a Ball, you understand, but a BALL!!!! Yes, it's all good, very, very good.

Two of my other bridesmaids are in Africa and Egypt right now, but eventually, next year, we shall all go dress hunting together :o) Now THAT will be fun!

So, I've managed to talk myself out of the guilts and into the pink wedding clouds. Hmmm and I'm feeling all chatty.... I feel a few emails coming over me.... :o)

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Flibbertigibbet said...

You know, I have spent so much time amongst vintage wedding gowns of late I have become smitten with weddings. I love seeing them tried and I feel strangely emotional when the ladies look so absolutely beautiful in them!
I am going soft in my old age ;)

Have a wonderful, wonderful time shopping x