Tuesday, 2 December 2008

Happy Days!

And now that the visitors have left and life has returned to some normality, I return to work to discover that's all gone to shit as well! I love my job. Or I did. I am not a whinger, I like and am good at change and I do stick at stuff, often well past it's stickability date.

For instance, the last job was insupportable with a bully for a boss, but muggins here stuck it for five years. Two other work colleagues left after 3 months and 4 months directly because of the arsehole boss. See? Stickability to the point of inadvisability I think. Anyway. I took this job to get away from the arsehole boss from hell and subsequently changed directions completely. Retrained in a different field and absolutely love the work. I am a "natural" at it, as someone once said. I would love it even more if I was allowed to actually do it of course.

At the moment, "safety" is a very dirty word. Especially if it comes at the price of any effort or thought on the part of anyone other than myself. And now with the "financial crisis" excuse, the stupidity sky is the limit apparently. Now we can sack people willy nilly, destabilise the whole department with very strange reshufflings that show complete ignorance for anyones actual job and then we can bugger off and leave everyone to wallow around in the resultant mess just for the apparent fun of it.

"What does employee "X" do exactly? Oh, really? Better put them over there then, I suppose" "And can we take this opportunity to get rid of the annoying safety person? No? Drat! Are you sure? Oh, all right then. Put them over there, that should shut them up for a bit".

Happy days!


AlexofMelbourne said...

If it all gets too much I'm no sure but maybe Dave and his performing Dingo have an opening for ya? But you would have to move to beautiful Melbourne!

Carrie said...

Now I do know how beautiful Melbourne is... I have lived there for two years and really loved it. I must admit to never having heard of Dave and his performing Dingo though. Would he have an opening in his Safety Dept? Hmm?