Tuesday, 2 December 2008

Roman Holiday

Guilt is a dreadful thing! It creeps in between all your cells and oozes around and swoshes about in a most disturbing manner. It alters the way you think. It turns you into someone else entirely. Your reactions to situations and your thought patterns go totally AWOL. There is no controlling it. It takes over. Every day you wake up knowing what is going to happen and thinking that today is the day that you take control and every day the same bloody thing happens, it takes control of you instead. Bah!

I have a certain mental image of myself and it has been seriously disturbed and rattled to the degree, that for the last three weeks, I have not liked myself at all and not been able to do one jot about it. I became a sulky teenager all over again. And that was not pleasant the first time around, it is hideous when the sulky teenager is 47!! My internal chronometer was seriously, seriously out of whack! If it wasn't for fiances and brothers, girlfriends and sons, I would have become totally, blitheringly, blindingly, awfully MAD!!!! And that's a fact.

Distance is the cure I've found. Time and a hell of a lot of distance. How far is it from England to Australia? That's how much distance is necessary anyway, however far it is. And that's all I've got to say about that! Well, alright, one more thing - Perth is a beautiful, wonderful place to live, for more than the obvious reasons.

On the upside, the weather has now cured itself and it's a glorious 32 degrees today, not that I'm out in it, I'm not that silly! :o) Actually, I am, but as I am partaking of a spot of R&R, courtesy of a doctor with a needle and a portable x-ray machine, I am instead inside, looking outside while watching the gloriously beautiful features of Audrey Hepburn in Roman Holiday. My word, what a looker that woman is.

And whenever that movie was made (1953 - thank you Google), little children were allowed to swim in the Trevi Fountain! And climb on the horses and generally have a jolly good time!

I want to go to THAT Rome and have my own Roman Holiday. But as I am not a princess and Italy is now in technicolur, I suppose I have no hope at all! Shame really. Innit?

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