Friday, 12 December 2008

Fairy stories

Sometimes an idea springs to mind, fully formed. When it occurs to you, it's as if all the pieces just drop into place. Like the barrels of a lock.

I drove past a sign tonight, after dropping my son home (my son who "took" me to dinner and paid for the meal:o), my son who has been very brave, having recently had a large shoulder operation and is now back at work, living life, walking nearly everywhere because he can't drive for 6 weeks after the op, who is off all the painkillers even though he is still in pain, who has worked out all his finances so that he doesn't have to ask his old Ma for money. Am I sounding like the proud mother I am? How your kids can get right in amongst you and make you go all gooey just at the thought of their achievments, I have no idea? The boy is 20 [so young!] and HUGE, 6'2" with approx size 58 feet, you can see them from outer space, it's been verified by NASA, and look what he does to my mental processes!)

Anyway, where was I? Oh yes, driving home after a particularly fine Mexican meal.... I saw a sign hanging up over what must have been a church, that said "Jesus is coming to reign on earth" or something similar.

And I thought, do these people really believe that? It's like a fairy story, an adult fairy story. A fairy story that countless millions of people have lost their lives over, one way or another. Which would make it a horror story surely? Anyway, the realisation was, that I am right! It IS a fairy story, a grown up version of Santa. No more believable than the tooth fairy. Or leprechauns, mermaids or werewolves baying at a full moon (it IS full moon tonight...gorgeous out there!)

Here we are in the real world, made up of all sorts of magic like electricity and television (which I know sounds stupid, but think about it, there are things in your house that GO, that run and produce moving pictures and light up the room etc, etc, etc, things that are still, and static until you shove a bit of metal in a hole in the wall and magic happens! Digital cameras, computers, the internet - pure magic! The magic of cooking - bung wet, raw things in the oven and they change shape and character completely. Unbelievable. Who thought of that in the first place? Eggs, flour and butter stirred together, add heat, viola! Cake!

Which brings me to the subject of human beings and how magical we are. Totally bypassing our bodies and the everyday miracle of how they function (babies growing, the majority of them with all the right bits in all the right places - amazing and magical but you know it's just pure science and not a damn thing to do with a mythical, fairy story called God), just thinking about our creativity and spontaneity and curiosity and capacity to learn and build and make magic!

However, how any educated, sensible, modern human beings think that Jesus Christ is going to "come down to earth" to save our arses, I have no bloody idea! It's a fairy story. Something to tell frightened children. A pacifier, not that it's been very pacifying actually. What do they think? Jesus on cloud descending from heaven? Baby born that we are all going to believe is miraculous this time around and not hang his arse from a tree? Armageddon and the waves and smoke parting with a windswept and sandalled man striding forth saying "come to me all ye believers, I know the way out of this mess"?

Ha de har, 'scuse me while I choke a bit.


Anonymous said...

Hmmm...... Have you been eating a large bucket of cynical babe? hehehe It looks that way from your post! :o)

Carrie said...

No, I shower under my bucket! Use shampoo and conditioner, am under there for so long!

Anonymous said...

Oh dear, how much offence can be caused by one 'open to all' blog from such a narrow mind. Your beliefs are yours and mine are mine, but I don't condemn atheists on the worldwide web. Let's just hope I and others like me are right and you are would be so much nicer wouldn't it? It also makes the bad times easier to bear if you believe there is a larger better reason than we can comprehend; well, I think so anyway. Merry Christmas Carrie...

Carrie said...

Au contraire! This might be an “open to all” blog, but it is mine and mine alone. The opinions, feelings and inspirations are mine and I take no-one else’s feelings into account when I write it, and neither should I. You have voted and put yourself into a particular camp dear “Anon” and that is your right and privilege as a thinking human being.

I do not consider myself to be narrow minded but very open, unbiased and “clean”. I consider myself to be free of brainwashing and to have an educated and scientific frame of mind. I am very open to new scientific ideas and theories and would never scathingly comment on any scientific research. I do however strenuously and firmly defend my right to thoroughly condemn any bigoted or narrow minded lines of thought that impinge on the freedoms of every human being to live a life that is free and without mental restraints put upon them.

Just because a certain line of thinking is "old", does not mean it is any good! All thoughts and ideas need to be revaluated, rethought, studied anew to make sure that they are valid and still applicable to the human beings who are alive now, with the level of education and the new knowledge we have now. What was true and helped the people of 2000 years ago or more, is not necessarily true for the globally educated people of today.

I considerr myself to be a fully paid up member of the 21st Century with 21st century knowledge and ideas, thoughts and feelings that are not hidebound by religious batterings of any description from childhood on.

I deplore, absolutely deplore and totally reject "religious education" for children. And I dont care who hears me. It is no concern of mine what you or anyone else thinks quite frankly, my thoughts and beliefs are my own and I am proud of them.

“Religion” is a very dirty word, as far as I am concerned, and this being my blog, I will not flinch from airing that view.

However, if you need to believe what I consider to be a fairy story to get you through the tough times, I am not going to condemn you for that. It is your right and privilege as a thinking human being etc. to believe and say whatever you feel is right and honourable for you.

So, Merry unreligious Christmas to you as well, Anon

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness, such vitriol buried in that passage. I wonder how many people you offend in daily life with such blatant disregard for the sensitivities of others? And if the blog is only for you, why publish it to the whole world wide web? Why not just write it safely in a diary, just for you?

I am also a scientist and that very professional path teaches me that science cannot explain the wonder we live in. What kind of scientist are you that you imagine you know it all and science explains it all? Having an open mind does not just apply to the scientific world, but also to the spirituality of life, creation, relationships and so forth.

Surely to speak as you do, you are 'brainwashed', that there can be nothing in spirituality. Yet if the people of two thousand years ago had blogged and you had a copy of their writings, you would be convinced because it would be in a scientific form you understand? How shallow is that?

Whilst the holy book undoubtedly contains flaws, and falsehoods placed there by early romans and the like, surely the overall tenet that a great man carried out incredible deeds selflessly and gave his life to save others still shines through? And if so, there lies our redemption.

I cannot prove this scientifically, as you cannot disprove it, but my belief as stated doesn't cause offence; I haven't labelled you as stupid for not believing what I consider most likely, yet you have labelled all of us that do believe as exactly that.

It makes me sad that most humans only seem to believe in 'self' these days. What have we become?

So, just as you so forthrightly stand up for your right to speak openly in your blog and give offence if you choose, I will stand up for my right to answer in full because you choose to have your blog open to all and thereby, invite a response.

Of interest, the word verification I have to enter is 'creater'; a divine signal do you think?

Carrie said...

Goodness! And you call me Vitriolic! So this is why people don't talk about religion in polite company and no doubt why people through the ages have thought it a perfectly reasonable thing to kill all and sundry for not believing the same fairy stories as themselves! Way to go, Anon! I am not going to answer any of the inaccuracies you have printed, I can see this could go on ad infinitum, and I am bored with it and you already. You carry on believing the bible is a "holy book" and good luck to you Matey! At least I am willing to put a name to my opinions which is more than can be said for you. How is the pyre-lighting business, by the way? Enjoy!