Friday, 12 December 2008

Fairy stories

Sometimes an idea springs to mind, fully formed. When it occurs to you, it's as if all the pieces just drop into place. Like the barrels of a lock.

I drove past a sign tonight, after dropping my son home (my son who "took" me to dinner and paid for the meal:o), my son who has been very brave, having recently had a large shoulder operation and is now back at work, living life, walking nearly everywhere because he can't drive for 6 weeks after the op, who is off all the painkillers even though he is still in pain, who has worked out all his finances so that he doesn't have to ask his old Ma for money. Am I sounding like the proud mother I am? How your kids can get right in amongst you and make you go all gooey just at the thought of their achievments, I have no idea? The boy is 20 [so young!] and HUGE, 6'2" with approx size 58 feet, you can see them from outer space, it's been verified by NASA, and look what he does to my mental processes!)

Anyway, where was I? Oh yes, driving home after a particularly fine Mexican meal.... I saw a sign hanging up over what must have been a church, that said "Jesus is coming to reign on earth" or something similar.

And I thought, do these people really believe that? It's like a fairy story, an adult fairy story. A fairy story that countless millions of people have lost their lives over, one way or another. Which would make it a horror story surely? Anyway, the realisation was, that I am right! It IS a fairy story, a grown up version of Santa. No more believable than the tooth fairy. Or leprechauns, mermaids or werewolves baying at a full moon (it IS full moon tonight...gorgeous out there!)

Here we are in the real world, made up of all sorts of magic like electricity and television (which I know sounds stupid, but think about it, there are things in your house that GO, that run and produce moving pictures and light up the room etc, etc, etc, things that are still, and static until you shove a bit of metal in a hole in the wall and magic happens! Digital cameras, computers, the internet - pure magic! The magic of cooking - bung wet, raw things in the oven and they change shape and character completely. Unbelievable. Who thought of that in the first place? Eggs, flour and butter stirred together, add heat, viola! Cake!

Which brings me to the subject of human beings and how magical we are. Totally bypassing our bodies and the everyday miracle of how they function (babies growing, the majority of them with all the right bits in all the right places - amazing and magical but you know it's just pure science and not a damn thing to do with a mythical, fairy story called God), just thinking about our creativity and spontaneity and curiosity and capacity to learn and build and make magic!

However, how any educated, sensible, modern human beings think that Jesus Christ is going to "come down to earth" to save our arses, I have no bloody idea! It's a fairy story. Something to tell frightened children. A pacifier, not that it's been very pacifying actually. What do they think? Jesus on cloud descending from heaven? Baby born that we are all going to believe is miraculous this time around and not hang his arse from a tree? Armageddon and the waves and smoke parting with a windswept and sandalled man striding forth saying "come to me all ye believers, I know the way out of this mess"?

Ha de har, 'scuse me while I choke a bit.

Thursday, 11 December 2008

Matilda Bay

Well, what a lovely afternoon that was! Apparently everyone agrees that this has been a dreadful week at work and the morale of us all is at rock bottom. To cheer us all up, an emergency work function was arranged yesterday, for us to go on today, a picnic and BBQ at Matilda Bay. It was just the one department, and we all like each other, which is lovely. The "other lot" weren't invited! There was humungous amounts of food and wine and we just chilled, basically, and chatted and ate and drank and watched the wonderful river and fed a kookaburra. Fantastic. And then we didn't go back to work. All sanctioned by the boss :o)

Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Wedding Belles

Argh! Guilt! Guilt! Is it the time of year or bloomin' what? People write to me, of course they do, it's Christmas for goodness sakes and I am supposed to reply! But I have no time! I swear I don't. In the morning I think I am too busy to go to work, I have much too much to do to waste time going to work. In the evening I think I am MUCH too busy to go home, I can't possibly manage it. On top of that I am feeling guilty for not emailing my friends and not phoning them often enough, and not writing my blog! Oh good lord.

I went to Weight Watchers tonight and was just thankful I was not back where I started. I've drunk too much, eaten out too often and not walked enough - and I feel guilty about that too. Good grief. Anyway, it's a new start. Every day is a new start. A line has been drawn under the last month and now it's time to go ahead with renewed wotsisnames. Luverly.

On Saturday I am going, with my Maid of Honour :o) (who is now getting married before me and so I think she gets a promotion to "Matron of Honour") to look at wedding dresses! Now that is going to be PURE PLEASURE, with no guilt attached at all. Raving! ha ha!

Although this is my second marriage, it will be my first wedding dress and I am really looking forward to it. The whole shin dig is going to be the best, most excellent weddingy shin diggery of all time!!! The GoffMan and I are going to have a BALL! Not a Ball, you understand, but a BALL!!!! Yes, it's all good, very, very good.

Two of my other bridesmaids are in Africa and Egypt right now, but eventually, next year, we shall all go dress hunting together :o) Now THAT will be fun!

So, I've managed to talk myself out of the guilts and into the pink wedding clouds. Hmmm and I'm feeling all chatty.... I feel a few emails coming over me.... :o)

Tuesday, 2 December 2008

Happy Days!

And now that the visitors have left and life has returned to some normality, I return to work to discover that's all gone to shit as well! I love my job. Or I did. I am not a whinger, I like and am good at change and I do stick at stuff, often well past it's stickability date.

For instance, the last job was insupportable with a bully for a boss, but muggins here stuck it for five years. Two other work colleagues left after 3 months and 4 months directly because of the arsehole boss. See? Stickability to the point of inadvisability I think. Anyway. I took this job to get away from the arsehole boss from hell and subsequently changed directions completely. Retrained in a different field and absolutely love the work. I am a "natural" at it, as someone once said. I would love it even more if I was allowed to actually do it of course.

At the moment, "safety" is a very dirty word. Especially if it comes at the price of any effort or thought on the part of anyone other than myself. And now with the "financial crisis" excuse, the stupidity sky is the limit apparently. Now we can sack people willy nilly, destabilise the whole department with very strange reshufflings that show complete ignorance for anyones actual job and then we can bugger off and leave everyone to wallow around in the resultant mess just for the apparent fun of it.

"What does employee "X" do exactly? Oh, really? Better put them over there then, I suppose" "And can we take this opportunity to get rid of the annoying safety person? No? Drat! Are you sure? Oh, all right then. Put them over there, that should shut them up for a bit".

Happy days!

Roman Holiday

Guilt is a dreadful thing! It creeps in between all your cells and oozes around and swoshes about in a most disturbing manner. It alters the way you think. It turns you into someone else entirely. Your reactions to situations and your thought patterns go totally AWOL. There is no controlling it. It takes over. Every day you wake up knowing what is going to happen and thinking that today is the day that you take control and every day the same bloody thing happens, it takes control of you instead. Bah!

I have a certain mental image of myself and it has been seriously disturbed and rattled to the degree, that for the last three weeks, I have not liked myself at all and not been able to do one jot about it. I became a sulky teenager all over again. And that was not pleasant the first time around, it is hideous when the sulky teenager is 47!! My internal chronometer was seriously, seriously out of whack! If it wasn't for fiances and brothers, girlfriends and sons, I would have become totally, blitheringly, blindingly, awfully MAD!!!! And that's a fact.

Distance is the cure I've found. Time and a hell of a lot of distance. How far is it from England to Australia? That's how much distance is necessary anyway, however far it is. And that's all I've got to say about that! Well, alright, one more thing - Perth is a beautiful, wonderful place to live, for more than the obvious reasons.

On the upside, the weather has now cured itself and it's a glorious 32 degrees today, not that I'm out in it, I'm not that silly! :o) Actually, I am, but as I am partaking of a spot of R&R, courtesy of a doctor with a needle and a portable x-ray machine, I am instead inside, looking outside while watching the gloriously beautiful features of Audrey Hepburn in Roman Holiday. My word, what a looker that woman is.

And whenever that movie was made (1953 - thank you Google), little children were allowed to swim in the Trevi Fountain! And climb on the horses and generally have a jolly good time!

I want to go to THAT Rome and have my own Roman Holiday. But as I am not a princess and Italy is now in technicolur, I suppose I have no hope at all! Shame really. Innit?