Wednesday, 8 October 2008

Spring Ankles!

I am enjoying life at the moment. Spring has sprung and that's always good. It makes it a little hard to go into work, especially as my office is a windowless box, but nonetheless, the weather makes a big difference to my day. Lets face it, I'm a Brit in the paradise of Oz, of course I'm enjoying the weather. I always compare months, can't help myself :o) October for instance, is the equivalent of April in Blighty. April is pretty but still pretty chilly in Britland, in Oz, October is 25 degrees and the wildflowers are all out. The nights are still cool but the days are glorious. There are lots of people in the sea - not me, admittedly, but hey, soon! And we have 29 degrees forecast for later this week. Lovely jubbly! Good photo of Goffy in his Wildflower Shirt!

I am going to Weight Watchers and I can feel the difference in my body now. Its very nice. My trousers are sitting a bit lower on my hips. They are no longer "ankle freezers". I hate that. When I catch sight of myself and my damn trousers are too short! Don't get me wrong....I am quite attached to my ankles, they are always there - faithful things and they work. So nice having a bit of yourself that is reliable, but I really dont want to see them poking out from under the trouser line grinning at me! He he, look at us! Twinkle, twinkle, gleam!!!!


Flibbertigibbet said...

It does blow my mind to think of the seasons being so different. I have two points in the year I look forward to. The first when I can take out the flip-flops and the second when I can take out the vintage gloves. You're at the flip-flop stage and I'm at the gloves stage. Long black and almost to the elbow vintage gloves today. Felt quite the lady ;)

I must say, I've never seen my ankles in trousers. Normally I'm chopping inches and inches off the bottom. Barely scraping past 5' will do that to you!

Beautiful photos!

Carrie said...

Why thank you! Love taking photo's wherever I am. Am hampered by my obsession with having a small camera though, like to put it into my bag so that I can carry it around everywhere (ask my Mum, apparently I am a complete pest with a camera, but then I have always been a complete pest in everything that I do! hehe). A nice B I G camera takes much better photos of course but there's the weight issue, just can't do it, small and handy for me!

I think my equivalent of your long posh gloves is my collection of pashmina's. Love pashmina's! Nearly as much as my ugg boots! :o)

Anonymous said...

Ugg boots!!!!! Bloody Ugg boots!!!