Friday, 31 October 2008

P-Day minus 4 and counting.....

My parents land in 4 days.... at 2am precisely, to be precise. My brother booked the tickets, I shall say no more.

There is lots left to do. Of course. My car is a dust heap. My windows are spider-infested. I have no food worthy of presenting to the best cook in the world! Thankfully I had done the Big Spring Clean two weeks ago before I had the miracle cortisone injection into the pesky L4/5, that has actually made my back worse by a factor of ten. Consequently, I am having serious back issues right now and I'm not talking about overlooked magazines here.

Although a photographic magazine might be quite interested in the lovely (red) design on my back. Am fairly sure it could be classified as Art. It is quite stunning what a (hot) wheat pack can do to you when you are an over-enthusiastic type of person. The wheat pack is my constant (warming) companion and has left it's mark, indelibly, on my back.

I also specialise in Art first thing in the morning. Normally called 'getting dressed' has now risen to the higher echelons of Performance Art. I have perfected 'the smooth operator' and 'the prehensile toe movement', not to mention 'the knicker manoeuver'. Pure Art in Motion. Living Art.

Oh dear, what about my poor neglected feet? I have to wonder why I thought it could possibly be a good idea to put nail varnish on, because I surely can't take it off again. I may have to resort to a pedicure just to get my toe nails cut!

And so, I have resorted to taking pills. Pills are never good for me, their effects can be weird and wonderful and are never detailed on the packet. The word 'Soporific' comes to mind.... I just hope I am still awake at 2am to drive out to the aeroporto!


Flibbertigibbet said...

They must be arrived or about to so I hope you have a splendid time with them.
I also really hope that the back eases. I really think that back pain and toothache are two of the worst things in the world, you just can't get away from them.
Sending well wishes!
I'm a wellwisher! ha!

Carrie said...

Dear Wellwisher! Thank you so much. My back is stabilising and feeling better and I don't have toothache, thank the good Gaia! The P's are still in Blighty, leaving their house now for the drive to Heathrow, will be arriving in 29 hours :o) I have had so much help, it's absolutely wonderful. My son has vacuumed and put up the shade sail with the Goffman. My friend has taken me to the supermarket and pushed the trolley and done the lifting thing. The Goffman was at this end to do the lifting thing here. Another friend came round tonight and made the bed! I feel so helpless, you have no idea!!! However, you really find out who your friends are and, my goodness, you do have a good laugh! Everything is excellent, wonderful, smashing, marvellous and all is rosy through two glasses of wine :o)

Flibbertigibbet said...

I remember when I fell out of the loft and got some tremendous bruising with busted ribs to boot. I had to have a friend come and help me tidy up.
We don't realise how much of our bodies we're using all the time...