Tuesday, 14 October 2008

Daylight Saving, I'll have some of that....

WA is notorious for being behind the times. Dragging its feet in the 19th Century, let alone the 20th. As for the 21st - what is that exactly? It hasn't arrived yet, oh no.

Well, except for mobile phones (of course), every second person you see has one glued to their ear. Well, they do in the City - if you go outside the metrop, there is no coverage. None. Whoopsie doodle! Similar to roads really - lots within the metrop, hardly any at all outside! When I first arrived here, I wanted to buy a map to get me around the state. I like maps, they are a work of art. I like to spacially orient myself by them, I like to browse them. Have never needed this one. If you want to go somewhere outside of Perth, you get on the one road that goes there and you stay on it. There's no getting lost. You might die of dehydration when your tyres burst because you can't phone anyone, but you're not lost!

So. There are a couple of ongoing issues. Shopping hours and daylight saving. The shops shut at 5pm. Supermarkets at 6pm and Bunnings at 9pm. Even the bottleo's shut at 8. Restaurants have been known to chuck patrons out at 9.30 and forget ordering a meal after 8.15 becasue the "kitchen is shut". Ho hum.

I like shopping. It's one of my favourite things to do. Not in that hurried-dash-to-the-shops-before-they-shut, kind off shopping, but the leisurely stroll after work sort. The "oh, lets go for a coffee and a browse through the book shops/boutiques/market" sort of shopping. Yes, well, unless the fancy strikes you on a Thursday, you're out of luck Chum!

Which brings me to daylight saving. I think (am not totally sure about this) but I think every state in Aus has daylight saving. Oh, silly me, except for WA, of course. At the moment we are on year three of a three year trial to see if we like it! And then we get to vote. That's a problem - the voting bit. Give people a choice and they go all ornery and vote "NO" to everything, just to be contrary, I'm sure of it. A couple of years ago there was a referendum for longer shopping hours.....we voted it out, no surprise there. Although actually, I was surprised, very surprised. I had assumed it was the "powers that be" that were being mid-19thC in their thinking. How could the modern working woman not want the convenience of shopping out of business hours? As opposed to when they were told they could go.... We do constitute 50% of the population I assume? Giving us 50% of the vote? Maybe not, the state-wide answer was a resounding "No". Amazing.

I suspect daylight saving will go the same way. We do love the colour of our curtains, that's the problem. Apparently curtains lose their colour in the extra hour of daylight that daylight saving gives you - I kid you not! And there is something to do with cows as well. They stop laying eggs or something.... egg-bound cows....not a good look! So this year will no doubt be the last year we get to have daylight right up to 8.30pm in midsummer. Shame innit, but there you go, at least the curtains will stay their nice vibrant colours and the egg supply will be assured.


Flibbertigibbet said...

I cannot imagine a world where I don't have to say to myself at least twice a year "spring forward - fall back" to remember which way the clocks go.
Not long till we fall back and get that beloved extra hour in bed.
It's the moment that time travel becomes a reality.

Although there was the time I flew at New Year, over America.
Happy New Year grows tiresome eventually as you cross time zone after time zone.

Carrie said...

Daylight saving as a form of Time Travel.... now there's something that didn't occur to me before. Star Trek is getting closer every day! I really want a Replicator - anyone out there who has a bit of time on their hands.... you might like to give it a bit of thought? And a Transporter - that's a biggy, that one, granted. It might take a leetle bit more thought, but surely it's inevitable and just around the corner....? The human race is very smart - look at velcro and lead pencils and the writing running through sticks of rock! I watched someone make some of that the other week - amazing stuff, preset rock.

Anyway, as a postscript to this blog, apparently, the "Powers That Be" are thinking of scrapping the referendum on daylight saving ($7M cost) and going straight to "NO". As in "Don't pass Go, don't collect $200". Buggers!

Goffster said...

Three words sum up daylight saving......
"golf after work".......
Ahhh....heaven on a stick!

Carrie said...

I was right by the way, it was voted out. However, the trial period was kept on for much too long, so that the mornings were completely dark (I hate that, couldn't walk in the morning before work at all) and then they had the vote, very bad, resounding "no". Also, if I remember correctly, they asked a really stupid question.... "are you in favour of last Sunday in October until last Sunday in March?" by which time it was pitch black in the mornings.... even I voted "no"! No amount of suited men on the TV saying "just vote it in, we'll alter the dates later" was going to convice me of the stupidity of it all really.