Sunday, 14 September 2008

Toxic overload.....

Now here is a conundrum. I am not sure if I am imagining this but as time goes on and my body is still behaving, I think it must be true. I have been taking Swisse Formula vitamin, mineral and herbal extract for a number of years. And for the last one to one and a half years I have been battling extreme tiredness that comes and goes in a seemingly random manner, often hits Monday morning so I think “Monday Blues”, or I wake up during the week feeling truly awful, so I think “bad night’s sleep”, or “time of the month”, lately I have been thinking pending menopause.
I know that ibuprofen makes me so tired (one or two days later!) that I feel like bursting into tears for no apparent reason. Ventolin gives me heart palpitations so severe, it is as if I have an accelerating and badly tuned motor in my chest. Iodine nearly kills me. I seem to be hypersensitive to some drugs. On one memorable occasion, I hallucinated quite freely on oxygen and Ventolin, either that or the wallpaper people really do exist and wander around the walls of their own volition, pulling faces at innocent bystanders.
There are quite a few foods that also have an interesting effect on the poor old bod, but that’s a whole other story. So the sneaky thought does occur that I may be a raving hypochondriac. But you know, the fact remains that I am feeling much better and have done for the last little while, which is longer than I have felt good for, for a long time. Another clue, is that this extreme tiredness always wears off around 2 in the afternoon. This is most obvious Mon-Fri, hence I naturally thought it was my job and maybe it was time for a new one.... except I didn’t have the energy! So, there have been a few red herrings and muddling issues. The clincher was staying away from home for the weekend and forgetting to take the pills with me. I felt really GOOD Monday morning. Took the pills Monday night, felt wretched Tuesday, had a eureka moment and haven’t taken any since and, hello, what’s this? Energy levels up, not dragging self around, still in very good condition after work and into the evening. Hmmmm.....imagination? The jury is still out and the pills stay in the bottle. All of them, glucosamine and evening primrose oil and suspicious Swisse Formula.
I have mentioned this to a doc since I wrote this and have been told about “toxic overload” and how vitamin pills could be taken as an insurance against deficiency ONCE A MONTH!!!! Yes, one pill, once a month. Marvellous. And here I am assuming that any components not used by the body are flushed out and down the john, oh no, we store them and go into toxic overload instead. Efficient aren’t we?

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