Friday, 26 September 2008

The Scream

I had just got into the swing of the written word to my estranged daughter to try to woo her back, gently, over time and thought it was going swimmingly as she hasn't sent anything back. You know, shredded in an envelope for instance. However, the reason I havent had any response is because the child has moved several times in the last year or so. Apparently. Drat. Back to the metaphorical drawing board then. Plan B. What is Plan B? Plan B so far consists of asking her, politely, through my son (who may see her in the next couple of months - it's a long-term plan!) if I may please have her address! And to inform her I wont visit! Likelihood of success of Plan B - probably zero, zilch and (fill in raspberry sound here!)

I have gone back to being on the public blog lists. I like to send "the scream" out into the ether, it is very therapeutic.

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