Sunday, 14 September 2008

Lifestyle changes.....

I am back at Weight Watchers. I am very happy with this. I feel in control and very optimistic. The ultimate goal is to be a smaller size for the wedding. Which is a dreadful reason, but a goal is a goal. Also I have three distinct wardrobes right now, a size 10, size 12 and now a scary 14. Two years ago, I lost 30kg and went from a size 20 down to a size 10. My mother was curious as to why I had never done this before, when I was still married, maybe to save my marriage..... but the truth is, I tried continuously for years and years to do just that. It was the actual trauma of the marriage break-up that did the trick. I was at Weight Watchers then too but didn’t really follow their diet, I just hardly ate and exercised huge amounts and the weight fell off. Literally. Every day I altered my clothes before I went to work. I felt fantastic and bullet proof. However, that can only go on for so long and as soon as I steadied down and settled down and came out of that raw state, the weight went back on, relentlessly! I have now put half of it back on. Oh my God, am getting more and more unhappy with that. So, fresh start. WW and group support and doing it properly. I want this to be a lifestyle change, a habit. I want this to be so ingrained it becomes second nature to eat properly, so this never happens again. I LOVED being size 10. Going into boutiques and buying scraps of lace that doubled up as clothing! And the knickers on the washing line are no longer size 20 granny knickers, they are barely there!!!! Fabulous! I LOVE that SO MUCH!!! And I am going back there before the knickers morph back! So, Cheers, with water and lemon, followed by a spot of Margaret River wine :o) just take the chocolate away, for God’s sake!

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