Wednesday, 6 August 2008

Oma's advice

Oh! How mellow I am feeling this morning. When I first wake up I lay here trying to part the curtains of fog that insist on enveloping my pre-pre-menopausal brain (after a conversation with a friend yesterday we have both decided that there is such a state. It’s the state before pre-menopause, when there is no medical reason why you are feeling so peculiar on a regular basis but real none-the-less, and definitely hormonal. But that's not what I'm writing about today - there's plenty of time to gather all the data before I write about that one!) And back to the fog-parting.

After remembering what day it is and what is happening today (mid-week, must get out of bed - that's the level of cogitation) I then run over all the nice things that are happening in my world. Goffy is back being uppermost. A gentle perusal then reveals, like shiny stones glistening through running water, the events that are to come.
Next week for instance is Goffy's birthday treat - I would put the link here to the concert that it is - but it is a surprise birthday treat! Which of course I am getting the most amount of pleasure out of, thinking about it. And then there is the birthday party.....which will be a BLAST!
A bit further away, although the way time is FLYING in this pre-pre-menopausal world, it will arrive tomorrow, is Christmas. This will be the first Christmas we have been properly together.... and I am looking forward to it so much.

Then there is diving,
I haven't wanted to dive all year but yesterday DaveyG went for a dive and the weather was glorious and I was at work and I was JEALOUS!!! Ha ha! That's always good news for me when I am jealous, it means I haven't got sick of diving and therefore have not finished with diving yet..... which is great news. And now of course I have a ready Buddy! That has always been one of my sticking points, haven't got a Buddy? Don't really want to dive then.

Around Christmas time, maybe January, comes the next big event on the horizon - buying a house together. This one is slightly bitter sweet, I love the little house I am living in and I am going to miss it.

It is a huge milestone for a girl to own her own house and to live in it and support herself successfully, especially when the first time this is attempted is when the girl is an OLD girl!

I am also a bit worried about the amount of nocturnal wanderings I get up to on a regular basis....these things have to be worked in to the overall plan....cups of tea and reading for two hours at 3am seems to be an essential part of life right now, how does one do that without disturbing ones nearest and dearest, one has not yet figured out....but that is small potatoes to the excitement and the pleasure to be derived from mulling over the pleasantness of making a home together. This can take hours of daydreaming! I have a lot of fun with this one and have to file it away for extra thought while walking for instance.

Another nice train of thought is our future holidays. The Goff is marvellously good at travel; I am stunningly, stupendously B A D! He, however, in his madness, is looking forward to taking me to his various global haunts and I am very willing to be shown them! Thankfully, he thinks it’s great fun travelling with a neurotic woman, I am fairly sure by now that my Goffy is a masochist of the First Water, and so, I know this behaviour sets him up for the day! These are not amazingly ambitious plans for exploration; I have no wish to scale the lower slopes of Everest for instance and am fairly certain sure those sides of me would be revealed that I want no man to witness if I had to go anywhere too taxing. I know the GoffMan wants to go to some outlandish spots - he is going to have to train up his son....he doesn't know it, but he really does not want to take me there! But, I digress, Greece will be lovely,

Mauritius has been mentioned, the lakes in north Italy must be re-visited,

Antigua has been recommended, Singapore is on the horizon.

And then of course, there is the this one takes a lot of thought. Apart from all the scary arrangements, which I try to NOT think about, there is the actual day and the actual point of marriage, that is the bit I like to think sky, river (maybe) flowing in a tinkly manner, flowers and a bower, Beau in a suit, Son giving self away, guests all looking pretty, Bridesmaids! (never had any before!) beautiful words spoken and meant from the heart....aaah, sweet, innit? I am turning into a sook!

It is also very pleasant to realise that it is also most marvellously excellent to just spend the evenings together, that it doesn’t matter if we are tired, it is nice to be together and flop in front of a dvd. Goffy is good to flop with! So, this morning was SO happy with thoughts that I had to write them down...a bit of mushiness for a Wednesday morning. And I realised that I am following age-old advice given to me by my Oma - "count your blessings" and they are many. Many indeed. My future is a pleasant and rosy one and I am very much looking forward to sliding on into it..... So, Happy Hump Day!

Oh dear! I just Googled “count your blessings” to discover it was a hymn! And some chap on U-tube has rapped it! Good grief!

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Flibbertigibbet said...

You went and made me all mushy.
And smiley.

And for some reason the fact my word verification for this comment is "yakfbear" has given me the giggles.