Tuesday, 29 July 2008

Letter to my Daughter

Dearest Claire

I would like to appeal to your sense of time running short. The brevity of life. The waste of lost opportunities. Perhaps you have not felt that yet. The sense of life galloping by at an increased pace seemingly every year. I feel it constantly.

I have always felt that any problems at all can be worked out by two willing people. With honesty and transparency on both sides, anything, surely, can be resolved, explained, understood, accepted, compromised over and finally forgiven.

I am willing and more than willing to "come to the table" with you.

You are my daughter and I love you dearly. That will never change. There are no circumstances that will change my feelings for you. There are no "last ditch efforts", I will try, to the end of my days, to patch things up with you. There will always be a hole in my life until you are there to fill it again.

I am consoled in the thought of you being happy in your life. Happy in your marriage with Simon and happy in your studies. I am consoled in the thought of you still in close contact with your father and his family. I am consoled in the knowledge of your youth and health.

I am bereft at the thought of losing you out of my life. You are my daughter - with all the connotations of that word, and I love you dearly and I miss you enormously.

Time heals everything? Has enough time passed for you to want to try to come together again?

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