Tuesday, 10 June 2008

Alone, together, alone!

And here I am, alone again. The Goff Man blows in for a fortnight from the jungles of Africa and then breezes off again. Ah well, exam tomorrow and then I am a time-rich woman. A tad worried maybe, until the results come through, but there is nothing to be done but wait and with fingers crossed, carry on with life.

Margaret River is beautiful at this time of year. The Goff and I took ourselves off for a spot of well deserved R&R(in his case - 8 weeks worth of 12 hour days/13 days a fortnight of constant work) - (in my case - excessive amounts of study and worry over various facets of life and so also "well deserved" or at least happily deserved!). We stayed in the eco-resort in paradise or some such name - my word, it was lovely. A cabin in the wilds of the woods. Didn't see a soul the whole time.

There was a jet black lake, full of reflections of white barked trees, so many birds (those tiny blue ones were particularly sweet [not with gravy, you barbarian!]), pot belly fire (amazing how hot you can get those things, especially with a bit of effort and a fire-loving Leo!), spa (amazing how long you can stay in one of those, especially by a water-loving, water-logged Pisces!), the bloomin' works! Super.

We have had so much rain that everything is really green, looked just like England, at its best and not a spot of rain or a cloud in sight for four days. The essential four days - our four days! (So not much like England in that regard then) When we came back the wind blew a gale and ripped my shade sail from end to end (reminder to self - phone nice insurance chappies!) But for the time away, the weather was glorious, as was the wine, beer, food, chocolate, caves, coast line and wild-life. And not so wild life - the place is awash with animals - deer, complete with full array of antlers; sheep, complete with obligatory tiny lambs (baaaah); cows, gambolling in the fields - yes, truly! I saw them! Am fairly sure I was sober at the time. Not to mention the usual things in the roadside verges - one dead roo (shame) and a mattress. There is always a mattress somewhere, usually in the complete wilds, nowhere near a house of any description. Shame it was nowhere near that roo really. Might have helped it to bounce back from its knock with life?

So, after a fortnight of excellent food (Woody Nook winery - ever been there? Go! Go and eat, the chef is a genius!) and gallons of vino, I now have a six week wait for the accumulated weight to melt away (har de har!) and for the Goff to return from the Dark Continent. Pass the wine.


Anonymous said...

A truly wonderful break......thank you Carrie.

Carrie said...

Thank you darling man! :o)