Wednesday, 7 May 2008

Yoof speak versus Jeeves, What Ho!

Sometimes the mood is unexplicably UP. Aint it? And you can have so much fun teasing your loved ones! There they are, at a loss as to wot exactly you are talking about, as you rib them unmercifully! And then, ah! there it is, the little "plunk" as the penny drops! Oh! But then, the barbed shaft is returned as they turn the tables on you! And back and forf the jesting goes! Excellent. Innit? :o)

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

……….but yon, wot light from yonder window shed?....... It's mejulie indoors innit?
She am lookin at me....sayin "romeo, get dahn the offy for a flagon of cider, I feel well wikkid innit?
Lets us two mingers gerron the lash an fire up a spliff innit?"
"Wot" say aii? "Me giro ain't ere till next week innit? Ow about yoo borrer a few nicker of the oldies an we can av a well wikkid sesh!"