Thursday, 15 May 2008

Empty computer, empty head!

I have bought a new computer! It will take a fortnight or so to get here and when it does, it will be a nice Flamingo Pink, lovely, innit? While negotiating the price etc. on the phone, with a nice man called Ben, who had a very strong and strange accent, and had a tendency to talk at the speed of light, mainly in a whisper, I was persuaded to buy a couple of add-ons, the way you do, especially when you can't really hear what is being said. Anyway, it all sounded like a good deal! So I went ahead. When the confirmation fax came through (3 pages on A3 paper, 5 times!) I read it, (amazing I know), to discover that the dear computer is coming without any software. Why, why do they do that? What is the point of selling computers to idiots, without any software? WE are IDIOTS out here! Hello? Der! Ah well, there you go. Another phone call, yet more money.

Anyway, as I was walking tonight, in the rain (autumn, Australia, wet) and it occured to me (while I was changing my shoes) how pink my feet were. From there I got to something very profound about my personal running system being similar to Vista and my sofware, such as it is, being compared to Windows 2007 (not being a cheapskate and wanting the most up-to-date, even in celestial terms) but for the life of me I can't remember my thinking at the time. The reasoning completely escapes me now! Which is a worry.

I was walking into Subi for the pleasant walk and for the lovely, cool, damp air and woody smells, but as everyone knows, Subi is a highly dangerous place for a woman. Especially a woman with a credit card. And it must be the delights of the shopping emporiums that have totally deleted the evenings profoundities and uncommonly original ideas! Shopping is so delicious, it empties your head! Well, mine, anyway. There was a really nice, pink, long-sleeved top.......


Anonymous said...

........which matches a flamingo pink lap top no doubt?

Anonymous said...

Aah, the flamingo pink computer without any software. A particularly useful combination!