Friday, 11 April 2008

Lovely Friday

Well, what a marvellous day I have had today and its a Friday and it's not finished yet! First up was waking up to a quiet house and no weird comedians swearing and cussing at 89 decibels (I live with a teenager - it's amazing what they like to listen to at 7am at precisely 89 decibels!)

Secondly, was finding a parking space! The last one in the road. And not having to reverse park into it - not that I am frightened of reverse parking you understand, I thrive on it, THRIVE :o)

Thirdly, was sitting in on a really surreal interview, it was up there in the strange-stakes I can tell you. Lovely candidate, hardly any English-speaking skills at all. This is for a support position in a laboratory I might add, a position that requires a modicum of English on a daily basis really..... anyway, by the end of this very strange interview, where we gave up asking any questions because no-one understood anyone else in the room.... I, for one was exhausted! Knackered! God knows what the candidate (lovely person) felt like, but I felt like I'd had my brains sucked out and replaced with fizzy glue! (I can assure you there is such a substance and it was inside my head!) What can be good about that, I hear you mutter into your cup of tea? (Earl Grey?) I will tell you - the other interviewer felt exactly the same! Joy! It is not only me that gets affected this way but other people too - and we're not talking female blondenesses here, this was a chap! I am normal after all, hurrah! That made me feel SO much better - still glued up and fizzy but MUCH better anyway! The two of us made faces and arm waving motions around our own heads to try to describe the affects of fizzy glue. We probably looked quite amusing really... wish I'd been there to see it.

Fourthly, was a training session that I arranged and people turned up to!!!! It does not take much to make me happy and this was enough to have me quietly fizzing away (without the glue!). The training was quite normal but not too boring, no-one tried to trip me up on the way out of the room, no-one fell asleep, or at least didn't snore out loud (although I wasn't scanning the room for the tell-tale head-nods) and yet another lovely, safety message has been got across to the troops! Marvellous! Wonderful! And now, it's the weekend. Game of golf anyone? What ho! :o)

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Flibbertigibbet said...

Fizzy Glue!
I know what you mean!
It runs in my veins!
I'm rather chuffed to read you've had a splendid time! :)