Wednesday, 2 April 2008


I have been quite busy having a fashionable stress attack, a minor nervous breakdown, an attack of the vapours. What did authors of Jane Austins ilk call it? Ah yes, "hysteria". Thank you Mr Google! I Googled "attack of the vapours" and read all about Plato, Hippocrates (who is not the father of hysteria apparently, who would have thought it? My word!), the Inquisition, the Holocaust and the uterus! Very interesting reading - quite enough to give me another attack of the vapours, quite frankly!

And so, here I am again, in partial control certainly, of my own thoughts and feelings, thanks in very great part to my friends. I have to include my boss in this category who has sent me off on various courses, to counselling, and indirectly to meditation classes. My boss is also the one who calms me down when I am about to go stratospheric again, "Now Carrie, remember, calm and calm and c a l m...." :o) Funnily enough, I do not want to bean him when he does that - I must be in a bad way?

And not forgetting my very good friend the Goff Man who breezes in from Africa for a week at a time, talks to me like a cherished friend (despite the fact that I certainly do not deserve it) and then toodles off again leaving me in a much more sane frame of mind.

So, I am taking the long view and the c a l m view. I will resume writing the Blog and attempting to record the funny stuff that happens every day..... I can't think of any right at this moment, but am sure something will bump into me in an amusing fashion very soon! If I pay attention. Ha ha! There.


Flibbertigibbet said...

It's lovely to have you back!
But not lovely to read of the hysteria!
I live in a world of anxiety and neuroses and it's not as much fun as it sounds! ;)
I do hope everything is calmer and I look forward to more of your words. x

Carrie said...

Why, thank you! It's lovely to be missed! :o)