Saturday, 2 February 2008

You too are in Paradise!

I have a brother - it's true! I was not, as many have suspected, including myself on my weirdest days, dropped here from space, or even hatched out of an egg - now THAT was a surreal dream - I woke up feeling most peculiar from that one! My brother however, is completely human and totally normal, so he is the living proof that I too am human! I think. Anyway, I digress, my brother L O V E S the rain and wind and general nastiness of all that Mother Nature throws at her most undeserving Isle of England. And has confided in me such nuttinesses as he couldn't survive without the rain lashing down and soaking through his gortex hiking underwear, or the wind tearing through his OS maps so he has to buy new ones for each trip. It is all "food for his soul". And now I hear that there are other staunch and loyal residents of the Wet and Windy Isles that also are in love with all that Gaia, in her wisdom, chucks with gay abandon, at the White Cliffs and higher. It is the most marvellous thing to know that these good people are in the right place and happy with themselves and everything around them. It makes me feel even better, baking my buns off in Oz, that I am not the only one who truly believes they are Residents of Paradise.

And do you know? I am fairly sure there was some shell in my bed this morning?

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