Saturday, 16 February 2008

The secret to success in golf

I had the most amazingly BAD day yesterday. Probably serves me right after all that ranting and gloating over the inadequacies of men in general on St V's Day. Any men reading that post probably just thought, "Another stark-mad woman, she just needs a good....." Yes, well, we wont go there!

So, my bad day yesterday has had the effect of drastically changing my year, and might have seriously damaged someone elses job prospects and has certainly pissed-off a work colleague - so, bad all round really. My mistake, too much self-confidence, plus bad judgement, plus jumping in and sorting out a problem that should have been left for work colleague to take care of. My fault. No excuses. Am now not able to do what I had planned and DO have to do extra and unplanned stuff, plus more. Shitty, shitty, shitty. Also, I feel dreadful and full of remorse, but that, I deserve. So. Moving on.

Golf. I played golf this morning with a girlfriend, she must have wondered what she had let herself in for! I was a complete ranting lunatic at the start of the game. But as she has her problems too, we were able to rant to each other and a fine old time was had. By the end of the game, we were both in a much better head space and had such a good game to boot. Scores were bloody atrocious but what can you expect really with all this angst zapping around the course? Bouncing off trees and landing in the water features - oh, those were BALLS! Not "angsts". Anyway, I am sure Tiger would be appalled by this, my solution to the perfect game, the most successful game - it is TO NOT KEEP SCORE! It is amazing how this simple act makes all the difference between frustration and breast-beating, not to mention bent clubs, and a feeling of appreciation for the beauty of the course and the day. A feeling of bonhomie and general well-being as opposed to the more normal feeling of inadequacy and total uselessness. What DID I have all those lessons for? Complete waste of time and money. I should start my own golf lessons "And the one and only rule I am going to teach you is to not keep score - it worked for me. I am now a happy and well-adjusted golf player, can't play for shit, but happy none the less!" Har de har. That photo is of Karrie Webb by the way, not yours truly, Slasher Carrie!


Flibbertigibbet said...

I can't play golf on the Wii, and my real life golf experience is limited to mini golf.
I'm just not good at sports, even going back to the time I strained my groin playing tennis. Well not so much playing as standing on the tennis racket and doing an ungainly version of the splits.

I hope you've had some good days since the horribly bad one...

Carrie said...

Hmmmm, if we are ever in the same country Flibbertigibbet, I think we should play a round! Of golf. You would enjoy it, it is addictive and sporting prowess is not an essential, as I prove every time I get on the green (or is it course?). And your love of the outdoors nearly guarantees that you would love it! I think. My brother always said that golf ruined a good walk, but after a couple of games, even he is addicted!