Thursday, 7 February 2008

Love Affairs of the Heart

Today was a big day. After three weeks of temperatures in the high 30's, sundrenched and parched Perth had lashings and lashings of rain. I walked in the rain in the middle of the day and everything was so beautiful. Washed clean and vibrant bright, bright green. Glorious. The pine smells were strong and vigorously competing with the gum smells. I took pine cones back for everyone in the office. They thought I was mad, of course. But I like to bring as much of the outside inside as possible. Especially when it smells so good. And so sticky! Have you ever walked for half an hour holding a pine cone in your hot mitt? Let alone a bevy of them? We had to be surgically removed from each other by the time I got back.

Today was also important for another reason. I have finally taken on board the realisation that everything has its own time. And everything is as Perfect as it is as possible to be, in the moment of the now. This, right now, is all there is and is all we get and is all we have a right to. The Moment. Right now. If we can make every present moment all we want it to be, we have succeeded in our own Personal Legend. And Happiness is ours.

Every relationship we have makes life Richer. Every friendship, every love. Every child. Every love affair, every heart break. I am expecting a heart break from the next love affair! But it is a clean, sharp love, it is a true, painful and honest love. I will plunge into it and no doubt I will be hurt but that is no reason to falter. There can not be many times in one Lifetime that a connection with so much clarity is made. So immediate and so complete. When it happens, can you ignore it because the timing is not right or the distance too great? Or the circumstances so awful, that you know, in your heart "this is going to hurt" at some point, this is going to nearly kill me? I am placing my trust in the Universe that it wont actually prove lethal! But I find I dont care. When eye to eye contact equals heart to heart contact or maybe even soul to soul...........well, it has to be explored doesn't it? Nothing on this earth is going to keep me away or stop me from finding out. And I am going to bloody enjoy every minute of it. How enigmatic of me to write this teasing account of soul connections when there is only one person on this whole planet who knows exactly what it is I am confiding. And if I am wrong......not even one!

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