Saturday, 19 January 2008

Looking ahead

And so, two of the best men in my life are overseas! Marvellous! :o( And two of my very dear friends have just found amazing men and happiness. Excellent! :o) But this does rather highlight the fact that it is Saturday and I am "home alone" - by choice, of course, ha ha! In fact, yes, it is by choice. Lets be quite positive about this, I could go out but have chosen to stay in and regenerate (aka Dr Who!) for the week ahead, ohmigod, that sounds so boring!

To top off the boringness, there is a short film tonight on SBS about Bob Geldoff and I am going to watch it!!!! Ohmigod, now I AM worried! Where's my knitting?

2008 is a year full of promise, I can really feel that. For maybe the first time in my life and certainly this was certainly never the case for the 25 years of my marriage - I feel really connected to everything around me - the human race and the universe and everything :o) Possibly, it is insanity kicking in at last, at the ripe old age of nearly (in one month) 47 (how DID that happen? I'm fairly sure I didn't plan this or give anyone permission to rob me of my youth!!!) Ever the drama queen! Ha ha!

What I am really concentrating on this year is my career and personal development but for gods sake, dont tell anyone!!!! Of course the other thing (this is BIG) that I am concentrating on and trying to get the Universe to bring to me :o) is a certain person in another country - never had the chance to find out if there was a true connection between us the first time around, and instead of thinking it is now too late to find out, I am fully expecting the Universe to provide a way for us to find out - true? Not true? Having read The Secret and fully internalised its every nuance and added a few of my own, I WANT this, I NEED this (and even the time management course agrees on this point - the "four D's" - Desire, Decision, Determination and Discipline) and although it sounds horrendously selfish (thankyou mother!) there is no reason on this earth why this should NOT happen. Er - except of course, the Want and Need must be mutual - or this becomes witchcraft! My breath is bated. I am waiting. In the meantime am finding out how much the flights etc are. Phuket anyone? On a broom?

Now, pass me the red wine!

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