Wednesday, 9 January 2008


Lucida Grande - what a lovely name for such a rotten font!!!! Better? No, out goes Verdana! Oh for the boring but necessary Arial. I suppose that will have to do.

On to the amazing things that have been happening with me. My cherished friend David - the Goffman, I dont know how he puts up with me, must be a true friend otherwise would have dumped my ass in the river a looooong time ago, has recommended the most amazing book and I am sure it is working. The Secret. By Rhonda Byrne, is an excellent book which I choose to totally believe. And I am fairly sure it has already brought me some benefits. If I wasn't so drunk right now, I would go on to elucidate more STUFF in general, but it is no good, my bed is calling and I can no longer be coherent in my own head - dkhiuyrhakjdhquio!!!!!!!!! in fact!

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