Sunday, 20 January 2008


Another day in paradise. One thing that is so good about being a pom in this fantastic country is that the appreciation of the sheer beauty of everything around me is constant and non-flagging. I come from England - the land of eternal rain and clouds, at least in my memory. Reinforced this summer? Goodness, what a wet one and how sorry did I feel for everyone there - I got to go home - they were stuck in it!

The light in Australia is so intense and the colours (as a consequence) are completely saturated with the shadows nearly impenetrable. It is essential for my soul, this sense of space and air and light. This sense of "close to nature" even in the City; this sense of being somewhere so beautiful and fortunate that it makes my heart ache - actually ache with the beauty of it all. And I, ME, get to live here! It's MINE, it all belongs to me! I can go anywhere and it is my country. Fantastic!!!! It doesn't get any better than this.

Saturday, 19 January 2008

Looking ahead

And so, two of the best men in my life are overseas! Marvellous! :o( And two of my very dear friends have just found amazing men and happiness. Excellent! :o) But this does rather highlight the fact that it is Saturday and I am "home alone" - by choice, of course, ha ha! In fact, yes, it is by choice. Lets be quite positive about this, I could go out but have chosen to stay in and regenerate (aka Dr Who!) for the week ahead, ohmigod, that sounds so boring!

To top off the boringness, there is a short film tonight on SBS about Bob Geldoff and I am going to watch it!!!! Ohmigod, now I AM worried! Where's my knitting?

2008 is a year full of promise, I can really feel that. For maybe the first time in my life and certainly this was certainly never the case for the 25 years of my marriage - I feel really connected to everything around me - the human race and the universe and everything :o) Possibly, it is insanity kicking in at last, at the ripe old age of nearly (in one month) 47 (how DID that happen? I'm fairly sure I didn't plan this or give anyone permission to rob me of my youth!!!) Ever the drama queen! Ha ha!

What I am really concentrating on this year is my career and personal development but for gods sake, dont tell anyone!!!! Of course the other thing (this is BIG) that I am concentrating on and trying to get the Universe to bring to me :o) is a certain person in another country - never had the chance to find out if there was a true connection between us the first time around, and instead of thinking it is now too late to find out, I am fully expecting the Universe to provide a way for us to find out - true? Not true? Having read The Secret and fully internalised its every nuance and added a few of my own, I WANT this, I NEED this (and even the time management course agrees on this point - the "four D's" - Desire, Decision, Determination and Discipline) and although it sounds horrendously selfish (thankyou mother!) there is no reason on this earth why this should NOT happen. Er - except of course, the Want and Need must be mutual - or this becomes witchcraft! My breath is bated. I am waiting. In the meantime am finding out how much the flights etc are. Phuket anyone? On a broom?

Now, pass me the red wine!

Wednesday, 9 January 2008


Lucida Grande - what a lovely name for such a rotten font!!!! Better? No, out goes Verdana! Oh for the boring but necessary Arial. I suppose that will have to do.

On to the amazing things that have been happening with me. My cherished friend David - the Goffman, I dont know how he puts up with me, must be a true friend otherwise would have dumped my ass in the river a looooong time ago, has recommended the most amazing book and I am sure it is working. The Secret. By Rhonda Byrne, is an excellent book which I choose to totally believe. And I am fairly sure it has already brought me some benefits. If I wasn't so drunk right now, I would go on to elucidate more STUFF in general, but it is no good, my bed is calling and I can no longer be coherent in my own head - dkhiuyrhakjdhquio!!!!!!!!! in fact!