Thursday, 13 September 2007

Hot Toddy strikes the brain......

Oh my God, a beam of sun! Quick, outside to catch it and bask in it before it disappears! Oh! Too late, rain and squalls have hit the Metropolis once again.

There's something to be said for spending the day in your pyjamas, true, you cant answer the door but then who knocks? Surely any wandering Jehovas Witnesses (Are they still called that? Surely the PR people have got hold of them by now to brush up their image?) deserve any frights they get? The roses, by the way, are there to cheer me up and to remind me how bloody cold it was in England too! July in Gods Own Country was bucketing down with rain nearly 24/7 this year, the Land that God Forgot, I think. Although I dont believe in God, I have decided to become an Atheist and see how that feels..... in fact I would welcome a couple of Jehovas Witnesses right now, to try out my new mental image..... pyjamas or not. In between coughs and sneezes I could fill them in on where they are going wrong, it might be quite fun. It would cheer me up no end! Any takers? :o)

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